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Overweight and heart stroke?

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Hey!! I had a minor heart stroke a few weeks back. My doctor advised taking complete rest. He said I'm overweight and need to reduce it as overweight can lead to many other health issues.

I have been hitting the gym for the past 2 weeks but there is no effect. I'm very much worried about the situation as the doctor said that my legs won't be able to balance the weight of my whole body. I have heard that the chances of varicose veins are high in this case. Any thoughts?

While researching on tips to reduce body weight I came across a weight loss centre . It seems they train how to reduce weight without dieting. Usually, I starve in the name of dieting from morning to evening and at night I will have enough food which is not a good for health but I can't help it. So I think this weight loss program might be helpful for me. At least I don't need to starve. Has anyone here had any experience with weight loss programs? I would be grateful if you could share some tips. I'm in my 50's and I would like to know how long it will take to reduce 45 pounds? Also, I hope my all heart-related problems will be solved if I reduce my weight. Any suggestions?

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You can get a lot of tips and tricks if you read some posts in the,

Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips Section
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I have never heard about a heart stroke before, I even googled it to no avail.

I have always known that a stroke had to do with the brain.

For my own edification, I would appreciate if you could share any information you have on heart strokes.


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