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It wouldn't hurt to check out your doctors very well

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Last week I had my followup with my cardiologist. The one I have now I was assigned to at the time of my stress test that I failed. The bypass lasted me a good 13 years before needing work and this time all I needed were two new stents, one of those went inside the first stent.


At my visit last week my new cardiologist told me a few things and confirmed one thing my EP told me. History here is I the old cardiologist retired and the old EP was forced out of the local practice. What I was told was according to my records and testing I never needed an ICD and I have never had heart failure of which both were very good news. It seems the two other docs got together to treat heart failure and install an ICD. I was very happy to have the new EP when the ICD was extracted. The retired cardio had done 12 extractions with six of the patients bleeding and three of those dying. My new EP had done 25 extractions before mine and never had a problem.

Do your homework on your doctors.

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