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Out and doing good right now

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I left the hospital with two new stents and was home Christmas Eve. The consulting doc agreed with the cath lab doc that stents would be fine and no bypass needed at this time. The super heavy dose of Prednisone did it's job and I got through the procedure without problems. One of the stents was put in the old stent that had closed and another new one was installed. There was a place on the backside where the heart attack happened that could have used a stent but the doc didn't think that part was viable. I am 12 years out of bypass surgery so I must be doing something right though it wouldn't hurt for me to tighten up a bit more.


I'm doing well outside of the soreness and will get back to the doc in a few days for followup. I'm really wanting to get back to Silver Sneakers and the rehab nurse said that would be fine rather than going to rehab. Good for me too since Humana pays for the YMCA membership. As soon as the Christmas tree comes down the tredmill comes out of the corner again so that will be getting use also.


I want to thank my friends on the board here for their kind thoughts and prayers.

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It’s nice to hear that had successful treatment and stent implantation.

My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

All the best for 2016


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