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Looking for experiences of people w PSVT and AF, not treated w drugs

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I have paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, and possibly paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. I cannot take the classes of drugs used to treat these conditions. My cardiologist is not very concerned and does not want to consider an ablation or whatever. He says that noone ever dies of the condition, and no need to call 911 unless I pass out or it lasts however long or whatever, and I'm really not feeling too clear on what whatever would be.


I am very interested in how other people deal with this condition, who are explicitly NOT taking drugs for the condition, or else they are taking drugs for the condition but the drugs aren't working, which I have the impression doesn't happen a whole lot.


The problem specifically interferes with exercise and creates all sorts of uneeded drama at work.





Dora Smith

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welcome to the HeartBoard Dora.I myself have never had the problems you have but hopefully someone will come in with some help.

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I have A Fib on and off, and it sucks! At least mine doesn't last long, just frequent episodes. PSVT feels bad too, actually I'm not sure the difference though one of my cardios told me that it was the heart rate that should tell me.


I used to take Amiodarone and it worked pretty good, but they took me off it because of Pulmonary troubles and now the rapid beats are coming back with renewed vengeance.


I don't know how anyone with prolonged A Fib or PSVT can stand it! Are you on some sort of blood thinner at least?


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