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Study: Heart Health Improves With Brisk Walk

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An exercise study provides good news for people who don’t like to jog, but want a healthy heart.

It suggests that taking a brisk walk in the park, at the mall or on the treadmill may be all it takes to keep the ticker ticking.

Duke University researchers found that the amount of exercise may be more important than intensity to improve cardiovascular health.

Just as earlier research has indicated, the study of 133 overweight sedentary men and women found that two to three hours of exercise a week at a moderate intensity can greatly reduce cardiovascular disease.

Researchers said the findings may encourage people to exercise even if they aren’t losing weight.

“Many people exercise to lose weight, and when that doesn’t occur, they stop exercising,” Researchers said. “However, the truth is that you can improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce the risk of heart disease by exercising without losing weight.”

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