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LOL, my younger son has been agitating for some years since he became more vegan himself for me to address my dietary issues more closely....


So, I did! I ate lots of tofu and lots of leafy veggies the last 6 or 8 months and, well, lots of nice Asian foods that I like.... I even lost some weight. Seems all was not good, however, and now I have kidney stones for which I am being investigated. Ultrasound is Friday. CT etc. may follow... NUTZ! Now I have to debate whether to put my calcium supplement back into my daily intake to address my systemic needs after depletion by a proton pump inhibitor like Nexium to address GERD....or let it all go...


And we balance all this because....??


Beware of all this 'new age' stuff lol! Who knew??



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Jan, be assured your tofu diet didn't generate the kidney stones, they take many years to develop and form into little uninary bombs. I'll be watching what the Ultrasound shows. Believe me, you will prefer a tofu diet to the liquid that you will not enjoy before the scan.


In my opinion, the scare over PPI's and diet is very overstated. When you read the research, only 4% of the people tested experienced show problems with Nexium.


I trust all is well in the Great Canadian Vancouver Island area.

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Thanks, Fly. That is somewhat reassuring. I am just sick of all these sicknesses lol!


Hopefully can skip the CT. Ultrasound is Friday. No one seems to take any of it too seriously anyway. Have been plagued by intermittent pain for months now and finally had a short term blockage last week...scary until it finally passed.


All is lovely on the Island as expected this time of year. Bet you are having similar weather. Helps for showing our house (which is up for sale).


Hope all is well with you?



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It's great to hear from you, Jan, but I'm sorry you're having the kidney stone problems. From what I've heard they are quite painful.


Congrats on your healthy diet! Heck, it may have slowed down the progress of your stones. Anyway, I hope all goes well.


Our weather has been "nice" here. I put that in quotes because it's warm and sunny and I have extreme sun sensitivity (break out in a rash) and have to hide away during the sunny times. Good luck on the sale of your house, I can't imagine it will take very long considering it's beautiful location.


I wish you well, and miss seeing you!


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