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Peaceful Protesting 101

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In lieu of what is going on Wall street and other cities around the country I decided to post this from a friend. Whether you agree with people's position or not it is important to be fair and play by some rules.



1. Remember, peaceful protesting is protected by the First Amendment. While you may not agree with a particular protest subject, be sure to stand up for the right to protest since next time it could be YOUR protest and YOUR issue.


Yes, it is true, peaceful protests can be annoying — especially if you are trying to drive some place — but stepping on Constitutional rights is not only dangerous to our democracy but wrong.


2. In every protest, the nuts arrive. The few nuts don’t speak for the entire group of protesters.


3. In every protest, there are plants — people there with a specific design to disrupt the message and in some instances, cause trouble.


4. The media sometimes (often?) focuses on the unusual and thus you often see the reports of the few nuts or the plants who have the very, very very offensive signs.


5. Be proud of our nation – that we respect the right to exercise the First Amendment.

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It is a cause of a belly laugh from me, seeing these protests. I think it is a natural bounce from the extreme left to the excesses of the extreme right (Tea Party). Both groups don't represent me in the least, or I think most US citizens. You expressed it very well, noexcuse. Your post speaks of reason, and reason isn't something that we have seen in Washington lately.

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We had protests and a tent occupation of Westlake Park (actually a city plaza) here in Seattle for a while.


The police cleaned everyone out last weekend so I think it's pretty well done for. I haven't really paid much attention to them.





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There was a protest in Evansville last week. There were no problems and that was nice but then it really didn't get noticed other than passing remarks on the news and in the paper. The protests of the 60s were completely different from this one today and I think those that these protests are being aimed at are just ignoring this until it goes away. This will have to be carried over to the voting booths to really make a stand.

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Protests, as long as they are peaceful in my opinion are as American as apple pie, and go back to the formation of our country. Shortly after the American Revolution, there was a lot of protests and various opinions. John (and Abigail) Adams were greatly angered by criticism of John's Presidency and this led to passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts, where critics could be jailed, deported, etc. The Alien and Sedition acts were rescinded, which set the precedent of patience with orderly discord. Thomas Jefferson was a champion of all-out revolution, I'm glad his opinions became more tempered.


We saw the Tea Party give their issues a show, now we are seeing those wounded as a result of the twenty five year old de-regulation of financial institutions have their say. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely, both on the right and left of political center in my opinion, and we are just seeing the penedulum correcting itself. Where I live there is still a lively Occupy movement (Peaceful) but it's dropping below freezing tonight and I suspect that will temper some enthusiasms.

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