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Debt Ceiling Debate


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  1. 1. What do you think about debt ceiling debate

    • I wish they would just pass it
    • I do not want it passed
    • Do not care either way

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What's going on here is money that had already been spent and the US has promised to pay back. There is nothing about new spending as far a this debt is concern. Like Mitch McConnel R KY. wants to do and had quoted. Do anything do hurt the Democrats no matter the cost to the nation. Try telling your bank that you and your spouse can't agree on what bills to pay so you are shutting down your checkbook and they will just have to wait.

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You nailed it. We have to pay our bills, we have to limit spending, what's so complicated about that?


The Tea Party in my opinion aren't very convincing, just screamers. Tea Party founders Judson Philips and Jenny Martin are very vocal, advising us about debt. Excuse me, they both have bankruptcies... They aren't very believeable in my humble opinion.


In my case, I've pulled very few paychecks, I've been a private contractor most of my life, and had to meet payroll during some hard times. I rather expect the government to protect the money I paid in to my social security and medicare.


Well stated!

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