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Holly Lyons, Denise James, Amanda Miller, Tanya Haughton

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I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for your superior care of my father (Jerry Harris Sr.) while he was undergoing treatment's for his throat cancer at your facility the MD Anderson Cancer Institute.


I especially appreciated the straight-forward way in which everyone communicated the severity of the situation and how best to treat the condition. It's never easy to hear about this type of diagnose's, but everyone (especially those named above) handled this situation with care, grace, and a lot of support.


During the particular radiological treatment's on the OBI device for 6 weeks he tried to be the most cooperative patient he could be and your patience with with him and the other family members was appreciated and did not go unnoticed.


His recently improved health is a credit to everyone's expertise and attentiveness. He will be certain to continue the follow ups on any and all visit's, and we will be sure to recommend you to everyone that we know.


Thank's again to all the Doctor's and other staff member's at the hospital but a very special thanks to the team of Tanya, Amanda, Denise, and Holly who were hands on with Mr. Harris everyday to help him get through his treatments. You are a testament to your professional.





Jerry Harris Jr.

Board Administrator


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