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Out with mom

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Mom had to go into a nursing home a month ago and when we got there it was not good. She threw a fit, made fun of the other residents and said she was leaving the first chance she got. I basically told her to get over it because she couldn't stay by herself anymore and now one could stay at the house all the time with her.


Yesterday Adele and I were going with them on her first outing and that was to a local very popular place to eat called the Log Inn which was established in 1825 and Abe Lincoln and his family would often stay there when in the area. We let her go on the nursing home's bus and met them there. Before the bus left we found her at the end of her hall surrounded by three men talking about who knows what. She told us she really like the place and how busy they always are with activities and things to do. She get her hair done every two weeks and I went there to see the Hank Williams and Elvis impersonators do great shows. There were probably 50 of the residents at the shows and every one of them sang along about every song.


There are 4 halls and each Friday one of them goes out to eat so it's once a month for mom and that's about a good ratio. Adele and I helped with the loading and unloading and seating. Since Adele works with mentally disabled geriatric clients daily in her job and loves working with old people she was in her element and the staff recognized this last night. Everyone had a great time and we plan to do the same thing as we did it again but not every time. We were very careful about the home we picked and talked to several people and almost all of them mentioned two they thought were best and this was one of them.

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I am so very happy for you! It must have been extremely hard to take her to the facility, I know my mom was wracked with guilt when she had to place her mom in a group home.


It sounds like everything couldn't have worked out better for all of you. How wonderful to know that your mom is not only safe but happy and that she's having a great time.


It was wise to check this home out well before you chose it, and I'm sure Adele's experience helped quite a bit when you first went to see what it was like.


It's so neat to hear such a happy outcome to a difficult situation.



p.s. My grandmother also loved the place where she stayed. She was like the "queen bee" and doted on the attention and the activities. The food also was great and she loved having someone cook for her.

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