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Adventures of the "Ambulance Man"

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:lol::lol::lol: That is even funnier than the other story!! The visuals are priceless.


As funny as the fun times are, though, are the serious ones that balance them out. Last week my daughter was as proud and as happy as I've ever seen her. They were called to a possible heart attack and she said the man (in his 40s) went on to have a full fledge heart attack right before their very eyes while on the monitor. She was in charge and was running extra strips for the docs as well as treating the patient. When they got him to the hospital (she had alerted them and said to have cardio docs meet them) the docs took one look at the strips of the progressing attack and whisked him up immediately to the cath lab. They knew exactly what to do, and no time was wasted, because she'd had the extra strips. They thanked her and said it made a huge difference.


She was on top of the world for having saved his life. Unfortunately, due to the new laws, she was unable to call the hospital and find out how he fared.


I know you have many proud memories of people who wouldn't be here if not for you. Our medics and firefighters are to be applauded.


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We were sent to a home on a possible OD call. When we arrived we were led to a woman about 20 y/o lying on the living room floor and unresponsive. There had been trouble in the family the day before

Keep sharing here. We love it and this can later be developed in to a book. For real.   Wow..... Thumbs up   Seems you have chosen many jobs that call for lots of adreneline ups. Can you spea

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I really hope you get around to publishing Gilbert. You have so many stories I can't even beggar a guess at how many volumes it would produce. I know that we here in the UK would purchase everyone, a great deal of fun yet full of drama. Ever thought of sending some manuscripts to where they make Trauma?


God bless,


Gordon and Michelle

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I've often thought that Gilbert should publish...about his medic experiences and also cookbooks.


His "Adventures of an Ambulance Man" reminds me SO much of the books "All Creatures Great and Small". Totally different subjects, but along the same line about experiences and stories. I feel that Gilbert's writing style is similar to James Herriot.


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I love the stories of Ambulance man, they are brilliantly written and so exciting. So you can imagine my sorrow when I found that the last Ambulance man Chapter was posted 2010. Gilbert if you ever sit down and put these stories together you will have a major book deal, with world wide sales. Tessa Gerretson was an MD/ pathologist. and she used her experience working in hospitals in the US to write books which are best sellers. I hope you do write and publish them before I pass on. God bless you Gilbert.

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