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Guest andreaf

That sounds interesting, Jerry, I'm a linguini fan....can you give us the details?


I have to admit I am not a "recipe" cook; I generally just eyeball stuff and hope for the best lol :P


I hope everyone has made a visit to Gilbert's area; there is a terrific recipe for salmon pate there and I know alot of us are big on salmon (as we should be!)


I really enjoy this food thread.

Thanks, Sharon and Teri.


keep up the good work ;)



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Andrea, you are a cook after my own heart!...that's why I find it difficult to put measurements down sometimes. :D The parmesian cheese if used in extreme moderation can be used per" AMA 1997 cook book"-how that stands now, I'm not sure...Anyone??? And that dish sounds really wonderful!! :D



Jerry, it appears that you have us all lined up in a row waiting for your recipe!! Can you hear us banging our spoons and cups against the computer screen?? :lol:



Hugs, Teri!! and Happy Easter Everyone!! :)

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I found some of my recipes that I printed out from another site, but not all of them, so if any of you copied any and would like to share them here...just give the one who offered up the recipe the credit!! :P



Hugs, Teri :P

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Olive oil

2-4 cloves of chopped or pressed garlic

2-3 tsps. of Oregano (dried)

1 tsp. crushed Red Pepper

Pinch of Basil

Pinch of Thyme

1/4-1/2 sweet onion, diced

1/4 green pepper, or red

Ground Fresh Black Pepper to taste

(Salt is optional)


Sautee crushed red pepper and oregano in olive oil for about 30 sec.-1 minute on high temp.-do not burn. Add onion and green/red pepper and lower heat. Cook til wilted. Add garlic and the rest of seasonings. Cook about 30 sec. then add can of crushed tomatoes and cook about 10 minutes med.low heat.


Serve over spaghetti noodles, or with anything you would normally put a marinara type sauce on. Serve with a sala Lg. can of crushed tomatoes in puree (ABOUT 28-32 OZ.)






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:PI'll be back later today!! Hugs to all, Teri :)
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I am going to try Gilberts Salmon Pate recipe. Sounds wonderful!! Here is a tuna pate recipe that is similiar. This one doesnt call for that wonderful "Wrights"hickory smoke but it is pretty good. tt






2 8oz.cream cheese(softened and may use low fat cream cheese)

2 small cans tuna

2 tablespoons parsley flakes

1 tablespoon minced onion

1 tablespoon chilli sauce

4 drops hot sauce(or more depending on your taste)

Directions: Shred tuna with fork. Combine all ingredients. Put tuna in last. Mix well.Chill at least 4 hours.

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:P tt, that sounds great!! I just happen to have some tuna around here-I'll have to try that soon! Thank you for the recipe! Hugs, Love and prayers, Teri :P
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Thank you everyone for all your input to this section and all the others here at Food Ideas and Healthy recipes!!!


Please keep your thoughts and ideas along with any helpful hints coming in this direction! Even if it's a one liner, don't be afraid here...life is an adventure and guess what? we are all in it together!! :blink:


If you'd be more comfortable having someone else post your thoughts or recipes, just email me, or my partner Kali, we'd be more than happy to get your name up here in lights!! :P


Thank you all once again!- Hugs and Love and Happy Eating to You All!!


Teri :rolleyes:

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Honey Brown mustard

Vinegar (balsamic and apple vinegar)



To be continued... B)

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:PHi to all the newest members to this site that may have been missed-though not intentionally :P and please feel welcome to continue to add to any area here that you want!! Hopefully, you'll keep in touch and let us know what you want us to write more about!! Hugs, Teri :P








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:heart: I see we've added more and more new people to the HeartBoard and anytime ya'll would like to join us we'd welcome your input!! :P


Just stroll around and get yourself acquainted with the board and topics and us and then just jump right in here!!


Hugs and a Hearty welcome to all!! Teri :P

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:P By the way...did anyone see a certain someone :ph34r: ever post HIS Linguini recipe?-did I miss it somewhere here?? :heart:

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:P A great big hearty welcome :) to HeartBoard to all our newest members here!! Feel at home and get your pots and pans ready to join in for some good 'healthy' fun here!! Add your recipes anywhere that they seem to fit in and offer any tidbits, or healthy ideas that you use in your own home and in your lives!! With big welcoming Hugs, :wub: Teri :heart:
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