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Mary, with you having two incidents of at least SOB and not feeling well, it sure seems that it would be prudent to call your doctor's office and see if you can get in. All you have to do is tell them what's going on and I bet they ask you to come right in.

What is happening may be nothing, or it may be warning signs and I don't know how someone can tell the difference unless they're a doctor.

I wish you all the best and will add you to my prayers that this turns out to be nothing.

Warm wishes,


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:grouphug2: Good Evening Everyone!!!

I'm letting you know that I finally went to the Doctor on Saturday. My PCP is not available on weekend, so I saw a PA who has helped my in the past. I told him my symptoms and he said that it could of been a pre-migrane. I did not have a headache but the fact that I had visual disturbances reminded him of the aura one gets with migrane. My SOB could be attributed to asthma. If it happens again, we will look into it further. So far, so good. No intermittent chest pain either. I just might e-mail cardio on this.

:heart-pip: Teri, I hope your feeling better and that they get to the bottom of your arrhythmia problem. Your in my prayers!!!!

Hope everyone is well! Take care, God Bless.


Mary :heart-pip:

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Mary, I'm so very happy that you went in to get checked!! :clapping: And like tt said, "don't hesitate for a second if these symptoms return"!! We want all our friends as healthy as can be!!


Hugs, your friend, Teri :P

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