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Jerry has mentioned that many of you are having difficulty in posting your photo's on the board.



Please follow these simple steps. For those of you who do not have software to carry out this procedure please feel free to e-mail your chosen photo's you want to post both for your main picture and avatar.



Step 1) Go to your personal profile on the left hand side of the board.

step2) click on change your personal photo


step3) you are offered two methods of finding your photo choose "or upload a new image from your computer"



step4) click on the browse tab and retrieve your photo from wherever you have saved it to, usually in my documents folder in the my pictures file..


step5) you will need to have some photographic software to continue anything will do from the usual Kodak that comes with windows software or if like me you will have other software for your pictures and photo's.


step6) open your software for your photo and pick a photo you wish to use, then look for the tab that has re-size on it. Click on re-size and then pick the size you need your photo or avatar to be i.e. photo 320 pixelsx250pixels for your main photo and 64 pixels x 64 pixels for your avatar. Your software if like mine may not give you the exact size for instance mine re-sized at 320 x 220 pixels because the width or height will automatically change when one or the other size is changed. If you re-size the height and put in the measurement required you will find that the width has automatically re-sized to what ever the software you have sizes at.


Step7) when you have re-sized save your new photo as for example if your original photo had been named photo 1 then save this one as photo 1a that way it will not replace the original photo and will save the new photo as 1a at the size yoy re-sized at. Do this again with your choice for your avatar and save again using the same method only this time 1b etc. You should now have the photo's at the size you need saved in your my pictures file.



Step 8) click on the "or upload a new image from your computer" go to your saved file in my pictures using the browser tab click on it and it should now appear as your chosen photo repeat the same procedure using the change avatar selection, then go through the whole thing again only this time click on the photo re-sized for your avatar and hey presto you are done.




For anyone who has no software just e-mail the photo's with your instructions for choice of photo or avatar and I will re-size for you



God bless


Gordon and Michelle

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