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Sorry I haven't posted much. If it weren't for Kalip there wouldn't be much on here. Thank you Kalip for all you do.

I have been a member since day one and it used to be very active but people have moved on or passed on. It was a fun place to hangout.

Well it seems like it is getting closer to my time. It started back at first of year when I started having side effects with one of my meds I had taking several years. The med was Ozempic for my diabetes. I started losing weight  and was very nauseous and throwing up every morning. after dropping 30 lbs. Dr finally figure out the cause.Things got better for a few weeks until March when I just didn't feel good and my Wife and Mother kept telling me I needed to call my doctor. Stubborn hard headed old Ricky says I'm fine. That is what I call myself most of the time. Sometime it's just Dumbass. that seems to fit me better. Anyway back to the story.After a few more days they got mean with me and said we need to call an ambulance.That is the last I remember for  a few days. I ended up dropping from 175 to 123.8. I am just skin and bones. They said much longer and I would have arrived dead. I only have about 30% lung function and  not much more heart function. Now I have damaged my kidneys and my body is mad at me. The only keeping me going is that I AM NOT A QUITTER.

My stepson in Washington drove through a blizzard to introduce me to hi 2 gorgeous daughters that I hadn't got a chance to see yet. 2 and 1. My wife and I have talked many times about what we would do and I am the point where I am tired of the fight. I am home with Hospice Care for quality of life treatment. I will be lucky to see another Christmas but I ain't ready yet. Thought I better come over here and say good bye. That don't mean I won't stop in once and a while. Take care Heartboard and all that stop in.


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Hello Ricky

The board has sure changed since the old days.
 Most the foundation members have moved on or passed …it used to be a lively place, with lots of posts and interaction among members as you
It was a truly fun place to hangout indeed.
It is good to hear from you after such a long time although it’s not very good news.
After all you are a foundation member of the board, being onboard since its formation by the late Jerry Harris in 2004.
I must acknowledge your contribution in making the board a success.
It’s sad to hear about your battle with your health. 
I admire your tenacity, grit, and determination to fight on.
Keep the courage and I wish you all the best in this battle. 
I am sure you’ve done so many good things in life for your family and for all of those who care about you. I hope you feel great about the difference you’ve made.
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” - ………Ralph Waldo Emerson

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On 7/16/2021 at 9:41 PM, kalip said:


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I don’t want to sound too negative but I believe that with most the foundation members leaving the board and especially with the passing of the founder Jerry Harris the board will eventually fizzle out.  
Jerry’s son Michael has assured that he would take over the payments his dad was making to keep the site up and running.
We had a good run over the past 17 years and I honestly hope it continues for a while to come 
I shall keep posting as long as I can but without new members, I don’t know how long it can survive.



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