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How can I know if my doctor is right in his assessment of my heart health?

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Call me a hypochondriac if you will but I am concerned that because I am female and have not had a heart attack that my cardiologist is not really looking at all the information on my tests.  I have had 2 Cardiac PET scans, several echocardiograms.  I have angina at rest and on exertion.  I have been diagnosed with mild pulmonary hypertension and have mild mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation.  Is there anyone who would look at the test I have had done and offer a second opinion?  I am 65 and 3 years ago my 1st cousin of the same age dropped dead talking on her phone in the kitchen.  She had also been told she had no heart issues.  I have a very unhealthy family history of cardiac disease.  I just feel that something may be going on that the doctor is not recognizing.  I have never had a heart cath-the dr. feels it would be too invasive.  Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated.  Thanks and have a good day.

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Why don’t you seek second opinion from another Cardiologist? 

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Yes, if the results fills your mind with a lot of questions, go look for a second opinion from a professional doctor. Our intuition is often right than wrong. 

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