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Should I be afraid to take a nuclear stress test if I have copd?

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hello; I just cancelled a nuclear stress test my new cardiologist ordered for me because an EKG test showed that I may have an enlarged left Atrial, and I have been short of breath. I am 66 with a long history of smoking, now quit, and am overweight, but not obese, and I have high clorestrol also. That is it. I am afraid to take this test because I heard people have died. I am seeing him wednesday and I was wondering if there are any other safer tests I can take that would be as effective. He also ordered an echocardiogram which I do not mind doing. The nuclear stress test takes three hours and due to my copd i cannot wear a mask that long. I struggle to breathe with any mask I have to wear for longer than a half hour. is there anyone here who had a 3 hour nuclear stress test? 

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As far as I know an echocardiogram is a test that uses ultrasound to show how your heart muscle and valves are working. I don’t think it can show blood flow etc.

I had a nuclear test done many moons ago; apart from the contrast material injected into you and the scan it’s not unlike a normal stress test.

There is a chemical stress test, where the patient receives medications that either speed up the heart rate or dilate the arteries. The body responds in a similar way it would to exercise.

 I don’t think that there is any reason to fear but your Cardiologist is the best one to advise on this.

 I hope this helps



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