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    Open heart surgery September 1964 to repair a congenital Ventricular Septal Defect. Open heart surgery February 2003 to remove a Myxoma (heart tumor) from my left atrium. Arrhythmias (PVCs, PACs, PSVT, Atrial Fib, Atrial Flutter, Sick Sinus Syndrome). 2010 Complete AV Block, got a pacemaker.

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  1. I think you have a point, seems like everything causes it now!
  2. I'm too much a couch potato, I need to get moving more!
  3. Shelby, I also knew your father. His member name here was "shelby's dad" which ought to tell you just how important you were to him. I really can't remember particulars about him just vague recollections. I do remember he used to tell us stories about you: sometimes cute anecdotes, sometimes funny events, sometimes tender moments. They always showed that he loved you and celebrated your life. I remember he was very accepting of his medical conditions. Though I can't remember just what he had, I do remember he went through quite a lot and he still kept a positive attitude. I rememb
  4. Dora, I have A Fib on and off, and it sucks! At least mine doesn't last long, just frequent episodes. PSVT feels bad too, actually I'm not sure the difference though one of my cardios told me that it was the heart rate that should tell me. I used to take Amiodarone and it worked pretty good, but they took me off it because of Pulmonary troubles and now the rapid beats are coming back with renewed vengeance. I don't know how anyone with prolonged A Fib or PSVT can stand it! Are you on some sort of blood thinner at least? Denise
  5. Hi villandra! I have had A Flutter, SVT, PSVT, A Fib, PVCs, PACs, and probably some others. I posted this video to help those who DON'T experience these (the lucky ones) be able to get a glimpse of how awful they feel to those of us who do. I've had two open heart surgeries, which were surgeries actually within the heart itself, and they are targeted as the cause of my electrical woes. I've had an ablation, then Sick Sinus Syndrome, and now have a pacemaker. I still have lots of arrhythmias still going on. Welcome here! Denise '
  6. I just now saw this, Ricky, I pray all went well and your recovery is smooth and complete. God bless you. Denise
  7. Good luck with everything, and I hope you have a fun and safe trip (with only ONE pair of sunglasses needed). Denise
  8. I have tons of side effects, my problem is that I have to take so many different meds I don't know which to attribute to which. Thanks for all the info on Statins, I take Simvastatin. Denise
  9. Congrats on the right eye, I hope your left one has healed up by now. I am virtually blind in one eye because of the cataracts, the other eye has them but not too bad. Every time I think about scheduling, though, it seems like either Bob or I have some sort of medical crisis so I still am stuck with these. I wish you all the best with your results, Denise
  10. I was shocked and saddened when I read about the Heart Attack Grill and the deaths of it's patrons. If they still have customers, then I guess that means that there are some people with a death wish. I have become addicted to Pepsi, I have to admit, but only have 1/2 can in the evening. That's the only caffeine I have all day. Denise
  11. Beautiful! Thank you, Kalip, and Happy Valentine's Day to you and all. Denise
  12. Sounds easy and delicious! My mom used to make Hungarian jellied pigs' feet when I was growing up. I loved it! But I never saw what the feet looked like before she cut them up or whatever she did. I don't think I want to see a real, whole pig's foot... Denise
  13. LOL, now along with everything else I have to worry about my Telomeres!!!! I'm still waiting for the wisdom that's supposed to come with age.... Denise
  14. Okay, I'm late (as usual) but I do hope everyone has a fantastic 2013! Denise
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