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    I'm into my family A LOT :), as you will notice that I mention, or refer to them frequently. :-) I'm a fairly great cook when given wide berth and love to try any and all recipes!Gardening is my main outdoor activity and I have plenty of flowers everywhere, except we do have 2 dogs, Shellie, the Puppy and Sam the Golden Retriever-& they both like to garden as well. : ) Petey & Pookie, my cockatiels are nesting on their first batch of 4 eggs and I'm not sure any will hatch this time, but they are giving it their true best! So along with Swimming, Reading ,Crosswords, crocheting, etc...Hugs, Teri

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    Hi my name is Teri & I'm a 52 yr.old female that was caught by surprise in 1998 with a silent MI. Subsequently, I've had a stent placement in LAD, along with angioplasty and Carotid artery surgery on Right side all in 2001. Though I try to do my best and keep up with exercise and follow up appts., I did have a diagnosis in June of 2003 of Left Sided Heart Failure with an EF of 40 and Mitral Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation which at the current time is mild. I've continued to follow up with all medications, though exercise is much more limited due to arthritis in one knee and both hips, along with hands and shoulder-so swimming is pretty much it for me along with activities of daily living. Most recently I've had a diagnosis of GERD followed by Barrett's esophagus and a hiatal hernia, and then found out my Gallbladder wasn't doing me much good either so had that removed Feb. 20, 2004. I still have continuous angina, SOB, dizziness, fatigue and some fluid retention. So on March 8, 2004 I had my 6th cath and another stent (Cypher) placed inside the old scarred stent and was told that my EF had gone up to 55% now, only then to be told that the Right side of heart is not doing so great and that accounted for a lot of my current symptoms. I am continuing with an ongoing relationship with my Cardiac Dr. and see him more frequently than either of us would care to admit. :) Since I've written this, I had a Triple bypass that occured during another (3rd) stent placement August 24, 2004. The artery was torn. As I write this I am almost 10 weeks post op and no longer have the angina that I was plagued with for years!!! So that is wonderful news! However, at the same time, I was diagnosed with Right sided heart failure, COPD and Diabetes. I'm dealing with it all, walking daily and enjoying things in a new way. Hugs, Teri :)
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