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    I'm into my family A LOT :), as you will notice that I mention, or refer to them frequently. :-) I'm a fairly great cook when given wide berth and love to try any and all recipes!Gardening is my main outdoor activity and I have plenty of flowers everywhere, except we do have 2 dogs, Shellie, the Puppy and Sam the Golden Retriever-& they both like to garden as well. : ) Petey & Pookie, my cockatiels are nesting on their first batch of 4 eggs and I'm not sure any will hatch this time, but they are giving it their true best! So along with Swimming, Reading ,Crosswords, crocheting, etc...Hugs, Teri

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    Hi my name is Teri & I'm a 52 yr.old female that was caught by surprise in 1998 with a silent MI. Subsequently, I've had a stent placement in LAD, along with angioplasty and Carotid artery surgery on Right side all in 2001. Though I try to do my best and keep up with exercise and follow up appts., I did have a diagnosis in June of 2003 of Left Sided Heart Failure with an EF of 40 and Mitral Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation which at the current time is mild. I've continued to follow up with all medications, though exercise is much more limited due to arthritis in one knee and both hips, along with hands and shoulder-so swimming is pretty much it for me along with activities of daily living. Most recently I've had a diagnosis of GERD followed by Barrett's esophagus and a hiatal hernia, and then found out my Gallbladder wasn't doing me much good either so had that removed Feb. 20, 2004. I still have continuous angina, SOB, dizziness, fatigue and some fluid retention. So on March 8, 2004 I had my 6th cath and another stent (Cypher) placed inside the old scarred stent and was told that my EF had gone up to 55% now, only then to be told that the Right side of heart is not doing so great and that accounted for a lot of my current symptoms. I am continuing with an ongoing relationship with my Cardiac Dr. and see him more frequently than either of us would care to admit. :) Since I've written this, I had a Triple bypass that occured during another (3rd) stent placement August 24, 2004. The artery was torn. As I write this I am almost 10 weeks post op and no longer have the angina that I was plagued with for years!!! So that is wonderful news! However, at the same time, I was diagnosed with Right sided heart failure, COPD and Diabetes. I'm dealing with it all, walking daily and enjoying things in a new way. Hugs, Teri :)
  1. Gilbert, re butter...funny how we seem to return to some things.
  2. Hi to all here and a message to Tomah...I have had runs of PVC's that due to heart failure, they inserted a biventricular pacer and defibrillator. In this stage they were ready for fibrillations and a way to stop them. Thank goodness. My husband just recently is now scheduled for another Holtor monitor. EKG was showing pauses and a lot of runs of PVCs, but he will get the monitor this next week and no appointment with cardiologist for 2-4 weeks. He's 56. So seems no emergency there for him either. However he does not have any past history of heart problems. I do hope your problems get better and I'll be thinking of you. Hugs, Teri
  3. Hi Everyone - it's so nice to see HB moving along at a good pace and to see both old and new friends. Since I saw you all last so much has gone on...from arrhythmias to a pacer/defibrillator, my CHF gradually going downhill then the implant helped save me, I believe, as my heart is a bit stronger, perhaps another stroke or something? They will be checking that in the next 2 weeks, along with a slowly degenerating back and hips from discs and arthritis which hopefully they'll check soon, as the Dr. thinks it may be rheumatoid. I like, Gordon, have been rescued by a wheel chair and am about to be mounted on a faster means of transport. Something electric, plus a quad cane! Woo Hoo! I should have come back sooner and I promise to return! Lots of Hugs, Teri
  4. Thank you, Shaka. Hugs, Teri
  5. Steve, was such a nice man...he posted here and elsewhere just to offer an opinion, or a few kind words, sometimes emailing me to ask how I was doing, as I'm sure he did with others...He will be missed by so many, myself included. My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to his family and loved ones...he will surely be missed. With Love and Hugs always, Teri
  6. Teri16

    Re Lil's Ablation

    Lil, is on her way home today! She'll be hopefully be on later and I'll let her tell the rest of her story...Hugs, Teri Good Luck, Lil and My very Best to You!!
  7. Hi everyone! I just spoke to Lil and she asked me to to let you all know that she's done with her procedure, but still in the hospital. The ablation went well and her heart rate is back to normal!! Yea!! However, she is still in a junctional rhythm with the AV node controlling the heart rate. They are waiting to see if her SA node takes over at a normal rate, then she could go home! - If the SA node takes over at too slow of a rate then she will need a pacemaker. If she continues in this junctional rhythm they may let her come home tomorrow and then she'd follow up with her Dr. on Tues. Best Wishes to you Lil!! Hugs, Teri
  8. Julia, good luck on your EP - I hope all goes well for you! Hugs, Teri
  9. Teri16

    Man killed in Britain

    I was sort of wondering the same thing...why all the shots in the head, why was he running, etc.? Ford that does make some sense now though after reading your explanation. At first I was thinking that perhaps it was more of an adrenaline thing going on with the police officers? Maybe? But that does answer my question, if he ran and if he had a bomb on him, running to the train station, the shots into the head make sense now. Hugs, Teri
  10. Rickyb called me tonight from the hospital that he's in and told me he ended up with 2 stents - one in each leg! He tells me he's doing pretty good and he expects to be out and back home tomorrow morning!! WooHoo, Ricky You take care now and let us know how you're feeling when you get home!! With Love and Hugs, Teri
  11. Hi Gary! Thanks for the info-very interesting! Hugs, Teri
  12. Actually, it should be titled, 'How are You doing?' I hope each and everyone of you are doing well and that life has been treating you well! I'm doing fine and life seems to be flowing pretty smoothly of late... Hugs, Teri
  13. Denise, I am so glad I stopped by this evening and found out this wonderful news!! WooHoo! Congratulations and much continued good health-you are the best and I miss you!! Teri
  14. Teri16

    LAD blockage

    Good Luck, Annette! Hugs, Teri
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