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  1. Thanks Vicki-- I have been taking Prevacid, Pepcid and Carafate my pcp doubled my Prevacid and Pepcid dose for a month to see if it would help--so far it hasn't-- that is why I asked if anyone else had the problem it probably is not related to my cardiac problem --I see my cardio tomorrow--
  2. Has anyone else experienced this? I recently have an excerbation in my SOB but also I now am experiencing a tremendous amount of nausea and reflux at first it was like frothy sputum but it now is on and off all day especially increases after I eat (I might add I have decreased my food intake as it makes me so uncomfortable) in as much that the regurgitation is so large I am unable to swallow it- I am continuing to have chest pressure on and off all day also with some slight cp now and then--what do you think just GERD or some cardiac involvement? These are really new symptoms for me am and
  3. I suppose I always have to be different I take my Plavix in the evening with my evening pills- My cardio had told me I could go off Plavix after a year but then that was before I had six more stents placed now he tells me I am going to be on it "a very long long long long time"
  4. Sounds like pretty good news so far Maria hopefully the rest will follow and be good news as well!!
  5. Oh Miss Teri I so do hope you are feeling better I worry about you so--I really miss you too! R and R will be good for you! Please take care of your self and you will be in my prayers-- Love ME!~
  6. I also am taking FOLTX which is the same and it was prescribed for me to keep my Homocysteine level in check!
  7. Just what I wanted to hear! LOL!!
  8. I am really glad things are turning around for Jo's DAD! Hopefully the worst is over---- GOD certainly must be watching over him. Sorry to hear of your loss-- Don't forget to take care of yourselves--will keep you all in my prayers-
  9. stardreamer


    Brain fog? YEP!! Memory loss YEP! Sometimes it seems like in my great filing cabinet in my brain just can't find what I am looking for like vocabulary I know and can describe the word but can't say it--course maybe that is just old age? They say some of your brain cells die each day starting when you are born? I guess more of mine have died off too soon!! LOL!!
  10. I am so sorry to hear of this happening, sometimes when it rains it pours--all of these are stressful to your lives. I will also put you at the to of my prayer list and pray for the best for all of you. I hope Jo's Dad is ok, and of course the both of you. Starting a new job is hard enough (and I surely know what you mean about the bean counters) God Bless--keep us posted.
  11. Now tell me how did you do that??? That is great!!!!!
  12. I am so sorry to hear this Maria but hang in there ! I think the waiting part is the worst don't you?? Just waiting for something to get better or get worse or for the docs to figure it all out--I am so sorry and it is so frustrating-- Don't take any chances- you are right go to ER if you feel the need and don't hesitate!! HUGS Star
  13. Maria I am glad your tests are normal!! But if you are not feeling "normal" then perhaps you need to keep pursuing this--after all you now how you should feel -- I know I always have normal tests too even when I am having a problem- It is very frustrating and aggravating-- I will say a prayer for you--keep us posted! I sure hope the reason is found and corrected and hope you feel better soon-
  14. Maria I am not sure about by-pass butI do know I have been known to have perfectly clean arteries occlude in 3 months--- I have had them go from 40% to 85% in two weeks--go figure-- but then I am not normal- Has your cardio shed any light on this? I do kow some who have by-pass have had to go back and have it stent placed in the by pass after - Guess I am not much help please let us know what happens-
  15. Vinny--- can't they re-stent the orginal stents? I have heard that they put stents inside of stents---I know the 7 I have are all separate but I can tell you that part of mine are regular stents and part of them are the Taxus 2 drug eluting stents- the drug eluting stents seem to have been keeping me fairly clear as my last cath showed areas less re-stenosed than before-- Iknow this isn't much insight but something to consider? HEY CHAZ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN I HAVE BEEN WONDERING IF YOU ARE OK!!!
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