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  1. Hey Fly.....Word gets around and Jan told me I might want to check in. It sounds like you have been through a rugged time. All that you have gone through scares me and I congratulate you for going through it. Not that you had much of a choice... It just floors me.. Looks like you have fine medical practitioners as well working with and on you. That is half the battle, particularly give the trust you have in them. I know that the cats are enjoying your company and are working their hardest to help you get better. I had a little surgery this year and know it just takes a long time t
  2. Merry Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you might celebrate. Have a joyous and safe time. The weather for some of us has been frightful..... Stay warm. I am hoping siblings will be able to travel in the ice and snow tomorrow here in Virginia. How about you?
  3. I have never thought of peanut butter on bread dipped into Chili ..... but it sounds like it could be a winner. Did you make that up Gilbert or where did you get that idea?
  4. Well...... I suppose he will pass. Yes you are proud of him with good reason. I did not consider it a brush off. I did consider it a friend of yours.....so felt the need to tell you the knowledge base though greatly similar does differ. Keep carrying on. Keep us posted on your cardio visit tomorrow. I work in a facility specializing in Developmental Pediatrics and Peds Ortho so... that just came to mind naturally. I have a sense of humor but did not catch the diarrhea as a joke but ....... friends know each other and you and Oleg have a special connection.
  5. I have sent a few notes also with no responses, one was returned so I was really wondering. That could have been a fluke. I appreciate the word Jerry. Please keep us in the loop. I am so pleased to hear the chemo has done what it was to do but hope that they can get all the rest of the things in line. Over time I have come to consider Gordon a dear friend. Please let him know we are thinking of him. I know that Michelle was to let us know if he was unable to communicate with us. I am glad to hear he is still with us on this earth. God Bless Gordon and Michelle.
  6. Denise, I can respect your thoughts and I know that when we ask questions here we want genuine answers, not just lip service. George, I think this gentleman has given you some good advice with the red wine and daily aspirin. I am on prescription fish oil (high dose) and have been for some time and believe me I do not have diarrhea. Different reactions for different people. I do not doubt that your friend is knowledgeable but it is nice to have a hands on second opinion. You may consider that this gentleman's speciality is in Pediatric Cardiology. There are certainly similarities
  7. George, Welcome to the Heartboard. We in America are working on Universal Health Care and a concern of mine indeed is that 2 month wait. We are pretty used to getting care PDQ. We have many knowledgeable people here that will be by to say hey and provide you support and suggestions. We even have a Canuck that would be a good reference for you as well. I kind of feel like the Welcome Wagon but have been around here a while. Others will be by soon I am sure. You sound like you are not in too bad of shape there but heart concerns do sneak up on people. Stay tuned.
  8. Thanks you two. I am sure you know that things are rough lately with him..... I just hope we hear something relatively soon. Jerry, Catherine.... have ya'll heard anything from Gordon or Michelle?
  9. Shakabreeze


    Gordon is a friend of this board and in the past an active participant. Gordon has had some increased health difficulties of late and despite his fortitude of keeping in touch with many I have not heard from him in more than a month. Have any of you heard from Gordon or does anyone have any updated information? Thanks folks.
  10. Hi Gilbert. What a wonderful time for all involved ..young and not so young. The commoraderie is still strong. Your story made me smile and think of what fun you and all must have had.
  11. Pattoooooolalala I am SO excited for you. I hope you are having a wonderful wonderful time with your mom and everyone there. What a breath of fresh air to go away ...and then come back home. YAY
  12. Hi folks...Hi Denise.. Jan is still in town and I am enjoying all my time with her. Lots of errands and eating going on around here. The second night we went to a local vietnamese restaurant that is none too fancy but I have been going to for many years, watched their kids grow up, etc.. Jan was like a kid in a candy store. She was so excited. I had a great time just watching her and the owners enjoyed her exuberance as well. Luckily we both love asian but Jan is fluent. She is indeed teaching me much. I hope all are well here, had a great summer and working in to fall. We
  13. I hear you Denise. May you have many good days.
  14. I am sorry Denise. That is certainly mixed news I realize. I also drive my parents around and use the handicapped spaces. I know these are temporary but I have had some hip and knee concerns that make it difficult sometimes and I had a cold recently that I could hardly get to my car from work. I think that there were days I wish I had one of those. I sense in my parents though that the admission of the need for help or a disabled plackard is a major admission. I hope you will learn to appreciate that you have one and that you might have days when you feel better and can decide if y
  15. Thanks for that rendering Jerry. I, like many others, had Walter Cronkite in my living room though I was quite young. He was a man we could trust and we admired him. Still do. Somewhere along the line I heard that the term Anchorman was termed in his honor as Cronkite means anchor.
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