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    I had my first heart attack in 1990 at the age of 39 years old, I then had a further two before I was eventually given a five way bypass. My disease has slowly affected my quality of life and I am now at the stage where I have to use a wheel chair although I do try when ever possible to manage without one. The coronary arteries around my heart are I am told practically non existent and I am presently awaiting a decision from the various members of the medical fraternity to decide on which method or treatment to offer to me. I personally would like to try the heart laser surgery which I feel may be more suitable in my case seeing as there is little hope that a further bypass would benefit me much. I am a great believer in life after death and have at least that to look forward to. I have six children and suffered the loss of my eldest son two years ago through a tragic accident of drowning, my remaining children are one son, and four daughters, I have eight grandchildren. I have also four sisters and my mother is still living bless her soul. update 26th September 2005. I go to Papworth for an angiogram in November 2005 in the hope that something can still be done to help. Since this last update I am now receiving treatment from Papworth Hospital in Cambridge the United Kingdom. It is one of two highly specialised hospitals in the UK that deal with Thoracic problems such as the heart and transplant surgery. in 2005 I received four stents which have helped me tremendously but I still need to use my wheel chair not only due to the heart disease but also to very painful neuropathy. Heart board has been a wonderful place to be both for the community spirit and friendship and for the learning and advice I have received over the years. God bless them all.
  1. Where is everybody old friends and warriors true! I have gone through a lot since 2014. We sold our house that we lived in and moved to a smaller property in Southport, a single story unit which we call a bungalow here in the UK. We movd in the May our new property has a beautiful garden some I was looking forward to spending my retirement years in. In November of that year I began being violently ill, I was unable to keep food down I was diagnosed with Pancriatitis, no matter how many times we tried to tell the Hospital doctors I was not a drinker I think they thought I lived on the moon. In the following year around March I think I was sent to the main Hospital in Liverpool there I was placed under the care of a world famous Heppatic surgeon a Professor Kneoptomiliss and his team. I was in Hospital for around 4 months being fed via a vein in my arm every day a new bag would be put on and all the tubes would be cleaned thoroughly. Eventually it was decided that the best way to treat me surgically was via a procedure called a Juejentium Ru-En Y a procedure that would end up sewing my stomache to my small bowell . I was finally able to eat solid food and after a further month of recovery I went home. As if I hadn't been through enough in 2009 I had this major surgery. I am much reduced in my mobility and now need a zimmer frame to get around and a wheel chair when I am out and about, I never thought for one minute that I would go through all of this as I grew older, I think wow! whats happening to me. Its been one hell of a merry go round, I have been a member of this board since forever, I was a founding member I was in at the sharp end when this board was a dream of two wonderful people and boy its grown. God bless Jerry and love to you all from my family. Gordon
  2. Hello all, I hope that all my old friends on heartboard are well, Michelle and I have become big fans of the Alaskan reality programmes, all except for those cheating so called Bush people the Browns? I have also changed my computer to an Apple imac series. It is hard to get my head around. From November 2014 until August 20015 for me, was spent in Hospital in Southport based on ward 14 and 15 until being moved to the Royal Liverpool, all in all nearly one year.I was diagnosed with severe pancriatitis. I was unable to eat but I continuasly vomited non stop. I was under the team of Professor Neoptomilis which included two other Professors and three consultants plus the usual registrars and the juniors. It was decided that the only surgery I would survive was a Juejentium Roo en Y which turnrd out to be a 6and a half hour operation. I was quite weak when I had the surgery and received the last rights after surgery. The idea was that I if I survived I would be able to bypass any food blockage I had through the Pancriatitis. i believe my faith in God enabled me to get through such a big surgery and survive. But it has left me quite unable to walk properly and it is hard for me to get around, I need constant care I cannot even bath unaided any more. Michelle has been fantastic she is my savior in so many ways. God bless you all, Gordon and Michelle.
  3. Good morning to all, when March arrives it will be 10 years since the inception or conception of Heart board. If I remember correctly it began back in March 2004 as the brain child of Jerry and Ford with Mike and me as invited to join in with their brainchild. Just think 10 years and still going strong. A rousing three cheers ladies and Gentlemen.
  4. Thank you both, A big hello to all who still reign here supreme. It is lovely to be back. I don't know whether or not you know, but I have Non Hodgkins lymphoma (anoplastic large t cell type) I am terminal graded as 4b.. I have though been given extra time here on this earth and I am doing my best to help other cancer sufferers like myself. It's strange really, here I am suffering from progressive heart disease and diabetes not withstanding other debillitating illnesses and for some reason God has chosen for me to go into remission, for now. I am desperate to fulfill whatever it is that God wants me to do. I only hope I don't let Him down. My sister is also terminly ill and has maybe 12 months to live, We talk a lot about God and what he wants for us. To see the face of Jesus would be worth all our combined suffering. Here is a question you might ponder "Do you think that when you die you have to queue up to look upon the face of our Savior?" We were discussing that the other day, because we suddenly realised that there must be thousands of people across the world who die on the same day/night. I hope I get to see Him anyway. God bless you all.
  5. Wow, Cancer is such a bully, it knows no mercy, it has no kindness to offer, it knows only suffering and pain. My friend died in the early hours of this morning, about 03:00hrs. I thanked God for saving her from any more suffering. Imagine having to lay in the same position since November until this morning. Please add your prayers to mine for the soul of this good lady.
  6. God bless the loss of Phil Everly, part of the greatest ever harmony duo, everyone who is anyone copied the Everly Brothers, the Beatles certainly did, a great loss to rock and roll and the world of music. God bless you Phil may you always rest in peace.
  7. I love the stories of Ambulance man, they are brilliantly written and so exciting. So you can imagine my sorrow when I found that the last Ambulance man Chapter was posted 2010. Gilbert if you ever sit down and put these stories together you will have a major book deal, with world wide sales. Tessa Gerretson was an MD/ pathologist. and she used her experience working in hospitals in the US to write books which are best sellers. I hope you do write and publish them before I pass on. God bless you Gilbert.
  8. Thank you Kalip, it's such a long time since I was last here.
  9. Hi, Quite frightening isn't it, but the numbers quoted don't tell us what proportion of those people had cancers caused explicitly because the patient was obese. In fact the USA has the largest number per capita of obese people the UK following quite closely. People who are very obese suffer from all sorts of medical problems which in a lot of cases causes severe disabilities I.E mobility and breathing issues, not too mention the enormous stress it creates on the heart. When I go to church every week a young lady arrives on a mobility scooter, she is a very large person. She has a beautiful personality but she is so big and in her case it is eating issues. Fast food is to blame for a great deal of the problems. Before the advent of Macdonalds and Kentucky fried chicken and the hundreds of other fast food eateries. We only had Chippies. back in the early sixties we only had (here in Britain) our plain English fish and chip shops. We could only purchase fish, meat and potatoe pies, steak and kidney pies and pasties, and sausage. All deep fried in beef drippin. Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about dear old blighty, back when rock and roll was king and going to the chippy ( as it was known) on the way home with a girl on my arm. The chippy was the nearest thing to asking a girl out for a meal, fish and chips wrapped in news paper on a Friday or Saturday night. It was a fantastic time in my life, what a time that was, now we have kebab houses, Turkish, Greek or Asian, Chinese chippies selling chow mein, sweet and sour and the numerous other deep fried Chinese dishes. We have Indian curry houses (they call them Indian restaurants) When really they are Bangladeshi restaurants, everyone claiming to be someone else. But the one thing they all have in common is that the food served is simply not what we could call a healthy choice. Right at this moment a dear, dear friend of mine is lying in a hospice waiting for our Lord to tell her He is ready for her to join Him. She started with a bad back, she was prescribed pain killers for 2 years. Untill finally they sent her for an Xray which confirmed her diagnosis as cancer. She has laid unmoving since before Chrismas, she is on a lot of pain relief. Every day they turn her and yesterday they had to give so much extra relief including tranquilizers she just cried with the pain. It turns out the primary cancer was lung cancer, but now it is everywhere icluding the brain, spine and other organs. Yet through all of her suffering she has never got angry with God. Her sense of humour has never left her, she cleans her local church with a young asylum seeker. His name is Mel, or she calls him Mel, She was in an awful lot of pain when in came Mel to say his goodbyes and she said to him, " I am sorry Mel I haven't been avoiding you it's just that I have been so bussy." When the palliative doctor came in she said come on Doc how long have I got left, The Doctor said I don't know Cecillia two days maybe a week, I hope its not that long Doc, I have somewhere to be!!!
  10. Good day to all, Especially TT and company, Denisefth, Gerry (Jerry) and did I spot Ford, all good news sorry for those who are missing, but they will be looking in on you all. A special greeting to our dear friend Kath. Not forgetting dear Gilbert, Kalip and Judith. Long time since I last greeted anyone on the board. I have though communicated with lots of you via e-mail. I hope you all have a very happy new day. I am sitting here writing to you wishing good things and warm feelings while listening to the Beatles from 1962 to 1970.
  11. Nothing changes and the West, yet once again, steps to the line, it sacrifices its own, not for peace, love or freedoms but for "profit". Congress, the Senate, Parliament, the Germans and French governments along with the hidden Italians who have surrendered more times than King James the second. All answering to the most powerful men in the world. Here in the UK we are already seeing the effects of the so-called freedoms in places like Tunisia and Egypt, now we are seeing more and more illegal immigrants entering our country just because they are free to leave their own countries and it is known the world over that they can receive money for absolutely nothing just by being here. An old age pensioner here after working all his/her life can expect to receive around £8000 per annum about $1200 an immigrant can be paid as much as £26,000 per annum around $39,000. That does not include the health care or other welfare benefits including education and they have never worked a day towards the system that they benefit from, it is causing a lot of anger and resentment here. These people are draining our system dry now our old have to work longer to qualify for their meagre pensions. We have a government that has imposed austerity measures to pay off the countries debts that were incurred through the faults of greedy bankers who continue to benefit while those of us at the bottom of the pile suffer more and more. Our government has given 11 billion to Greece, 7 billion to Ireland who's paying, of course we are.
  12. I think crime is now so common that the unemployment and benefit offices actually have jobs advertised for criminals. Adverts would read as follows: "Hit man wanted must be an expert shot and have at least 3 years experience in the field". Another might read muggers required to work on nice quiet street, unsociable hours, wage to be negotiated. Or, house burglars required to work in a nice neighbourhood. The options would be endless and the opportunity for promotion good. "Crime pays" would be their motto, so why not join up now?
  13. All those things you have all mentioned are true even in the UK it is exactly the same. Kids just sit with their x-boxes and play-stations all day and night, I don't think any of them would know how to play the simple games we played. Games such as aladio-hide and seek-tick, football. We played cowboys and Indians, soldiers in war games, alas, no more, no more PE as Jerry says due mainly to the health and safety rules that have gone absolutely bonkers over here. Sadly though it has not stopped any of us from suffering the various blights of diseases we now suffer from, my list is endless, one fight after another. Thank God we still have Rock and Roll and the Eagles ha ha ha ha ha ha !
  14. Would have loved to have been there with you, I felt the same when someone woke me in January to inform me that I had reached 60!
  15. Sadly I don't know one end of a horse from the other and have no idea how to follow what they call form, but, you are quite right Gilbert millions are bet every year. The Grand National which is held in Aintree a district of Liverpool not far from where we live. It is well attended always packed and a lot of horses have died over the years that this race has been held. It is the hardest of all the steeple chases held in the UK. Here we have two race seasons one is called the "flat season" the other is the steeple chase season. Of course there is also a lot of interest here in the greyhound season. I hoped that the pictures show how high these fences are.
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