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    nuclear test

    Thank you. I shall keep you posted. Just curious about how long after the test would I be able to go on my usual morning walks. kalip
  2. Kelwyn (that’s his name), came to work in good spirits today and looked sober. Think he was just a bit depressed yesterday, this morning he told me that yesterday he had a few drinks of Whiskey because his blood pressure was too low and the alcohol would carry it up a bit Never heard that one before. He works in the Accounts department of the Corporation I don’t think that he is the religious type.
  3. I am not sure why he chose Wednesday to stop drinking; (he did mention that Wednesday would have been his wedding anniversary.) I know the employee and he never had a drinking problem before his illness. I will see if he comes to work sober today
  4. His son lives with him however they are presently staying at a relatives place. Even while he was on sick leave he used to visit me from time to time at work. Maybe he feels comfortable speaking to me because I have a similar aliment. We do have an Employee Assistance Programme I will speak to him again tomorrow..
  5. An employee of the Organization returned to work today after having a heart attack a few weeks ago. He came to visit me at my Office and he smelt of alcohol. As the Human Resource Officer of the Corporation I decided to speak him His supervisor and I tried to speak to him; he kept saying that he was ok but he seemed was very depressed. (...He is around 38) His wife passed away just over a year ago and his little son is ill. He just would not heed any advice we offered to him he has reused to seek profession help also. He told me that he will stop drinking by Wednesday of next week. He has also stopped taking his medication. Maybe I would try to speak to him again tomorrow.
  6. Sorry to hear about you problem. Hope things work out.
  7. kalip

    nuclear test

    Visited the Clinic this morning. Never realized they could be so busy!! The earliest appointment I was able to get for the Angiogram was on Thursday of next week (May 20). It is scheduled for 9.00 am
  8. kalip

    nuclear test

    I did some reading on the subject. You were right .......I think the test was done in reverse order. In any event the result of the resting stage of the test turned out ok. It is the stress part of test showed that the heart is not receiving sufficient blood during stress.
  9. kalip

    nuclear test

    I was put on the tread mill and when the heart reached peck performance I was injected with the isotope stuff. About half an hour after they took some pictures, using the gamma camera. After a resting for a while I was given another isotope injection and about half an hour later they took some more pictures they had me eat a fatty snack before they did the second scan. They did not use the Persantine stuff. I will visit the clinic tomorrow morning to schedule the coronary angiogram.
  10. kalip

    nuclear test

    Thought just crossed my mind..... While undergoing the nuclear test, the first injection of isotope was administered in my right arm and the other in my left The first under stress, and the second after resting. Could this be the reason for the disparity between readings? at rest and under stress?
  11. Thank you all for your kind words and support. I don’t know exactly why my doctor prescribed Coreg I was just using Aspirin and Statin. About two years after the heart attack I started having palpations when I exerted my self he then prescribed Coreg. The palpitations have since stopped.
  12. My maternal grandmother passed away with heart disease at 49 Also my aunt (maternal also) succumbed at 43 to heart disease. Apart from those two incidents there is no history of heart disease in my immediate family. My dad passed on in an accident but my mother is still very much alive at 71!!
  13. I was hoping to make the arrangements for my angiogram sometime this week. However my work schedule doesn’t allow. I had to attend an all day seminar today plus I have to prepare briefs to be presented at meetings next week. Hoping to conclude the task by Friday with the help of my assistant. I am hoping that it does not reach the stage of surgery , I just cannot understand it I have absolutely no pain. I did 2 stress test since February 2004 and both were negative How could I possibly have any major blockages !!!! I am a strict vegan, I use no oily or fired stuff , most of my meals are steamed and I use lots of whole grain food. I also trained at the gym before my heart attack, and cholesterol level still read 248 . I have to use statins to keep it down.
  14. Visited my Cardiologist today. He explained that the wall separating the ventricles is damaged. (Already knew that from my first Cardiologist!!!!) Also he said that the lower heart muscle is starved of blood under Stress ( Physical) and getting an adequate supply at rest. He does not think that it can be corrected He advised that I have the Coronary Angiogram done. This would determine if there are any blockages and what corrective need to be taken... Would visit the Centre some time on Monday to schedule it. Want to have it done as soon as possible Probably by next week Yea …..I am thinking of taking a copy of the results to my first Cardiologist!! He seemed to have made a good diagnosis didn’t he ?
  15. Thank you all for your comments/advice . I am visiting my Cardiologist at 10.30 am tomorrow . Will keep you posted on the outcome. Bye kalip
  16. I got the results today ( Nuclear perfusion scan) The last paragraph reads as follows " The multiplane slices demonstrate a large septal wall infarction. There are reversible isehaemic changes in the anterior and inferior walls..... ............Angiographic correlation is advised". It is interesting to note that my first Cardiologist told me that I have some damage to internal wall of the left ventricle. Could some one please explain in layman terms these results? Thank you
  17. They said that they could have it delivered to me by Courier service if I wanted .
  18. Thank you. I called the Clinic today they said no need to come in. They will have it delivered to me on Monday . Will keep you posted kalip
  19. Before my illness I used to go to the gym at least 3 days per week. While I did all-round exercise I concentrated mostly on weight lifting bench press leg press etc. Since I now feel fine and have no pains I am wondering if it is ok to start that routine again. I really miss going to the gym
  20. Thank you for your comments/advice on the forum, you are so very kind. In October 2001 I was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with a heart attack. My then Cardiologist said that this was the second heart attack that I had. The ejection factor was then 35% (Not aware of when the first occurred!!) I have since changed my Cardiologist I have had two stress test which both read negative and the ejection factor is now 62%. This Cardiologist is trying to determine the extent of muscle damage if any. This sounds so strange but since the first attack (or should I say the second) I feel fine and have absolutely no further chest pains. Shortly after I did suffer from palpitations when I over exerted my self but this no longer happens. I feel fine and walk over 6 kilometres every morning. Kalip
  21. Yea it is true Teri I remember meeting you on another board some time ago. I am trying not to think about the results. I am also trying to be calm as possible.
  22. Yep……. you are right I am the male of the species Will try to get a slightly clearer photo!!
  23. I guess the main idea they said was getting something very oily in the system. (not a gourmet meal) Don’t know how it actually works but it allows them to get a clearer picture of the heart.
  24. Did not mean to sound mysterious. I had the option of drinking a glass of milk (Think it was peanut flavoured) or eat perhaps a Cheese Sandwich However since I am a Vegan I chose to eat some fried food instead
  25. Teri, I had something oily to eat during the test. I was told that this was necessary to get a clear image of the heart.
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