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  1. Was just wondering what is a normal Ejection Fraction. My neighbour who suffered a heart attack a few years ago; recently had an echo cardiogram done, her ejection fraction read 50% Her doctor (Her GP that is) told her that it is within normal range, and she had nothing to worry about. He did not prescribe any medications for her; neither did he recommend an angiogram either. Not even a nuclear perfusion scan. Is this reading within normal range?? She is 42 years old. I told her to visit a cardiologist
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    Hello and welcome to the board While I may not be able to answer your questions I am sure that there are lost of kind folks here who would sure endeavour to address your concerns. Kalip
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    New stent

    Read the article sounds very promising Thanks for the information kalip
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    Thank you for your explanation I feel much more comfortable now kalip
  5. Site seems interesting, will certainly enjoy reading it too Thank you kalip
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    Was just reading the report on my angioplasty it read as follows: EQUIPMENT G/CATHETER: 6Fr. EBU 4.0 G/WIRE: ATW .014 195cm BALLOON: 2.5mm x 20mm Hypro STENT: 2.50mm x 28mm Cypher/3.OOmm x 33mm Cypher. PROCEDURE: This patient demonstrated a diffusely diseased proximal and mid left anterior descending over an extended period. An ATW wire was advanced into the distal left anterior descending and over this a 2.5mm Hypro balloon was used to dilate the proximal and mid left anterior descending before placing a 2.5mm x 28mm Cypher stent with its distal tip at the junction of t
  7. Terri Sorry to hear about your father Hope he recovers soon kalip
  8. While I am no expert on Meditation, I have to agree with Shakabreeze, one can certainly meditate as a passenger in a car, while at the park etc. I particularly like the idea of the chirping birds, sounds very relaxing. While I no longer attend the school I still remember some of the teachings (One of the teachings I remember is to pay 100% attention whatever task you are doing not allowing your mind to stray)
  9. Shakabreeze I was introduced to meditation when I was attending the School of Philosophy. We started practiced meditation for 5 minutes on morning and evenings, gradually increasing to 30 minutes on mornings and evenings. We practiced sitting upright on a chair. I used a special place in my room to practice at home . We practiced group meditation at least once per week at school. We also had a tutor who guided us on the techniques of meditation . Catherine & Terri You can start by sitting quietly, just allowing the thoughts to come and go, giving them no significance, expa
  10. Some Tips to Help Your Meditation Controlling Your Breath: At no time during the practice of this technique should you make any effort to control the breath. Let it flow naturally. Gradually, you may notice that the pauses between the inhalation and exhalation are becoming longer. Enjoy these pauses, for they are a glimpse of the deep peace state of advanced meditation. As you grow very calm you may notice that the breath is becoming so shallow (or the pauses so prolonged) that it hardly seems necessary to breathe at all. How Long to Practice: The amount of time you practice is ent
  11. I was just reading some meditation tips. Thought I would share it with those who maybe interested kalip "The following is a very simple meditation technique you can learn in five minutes "Concentration it is that awakens our powers and channels them, dissolving obstacles in our path, literally attracting opportunities, insights, and inspirations. In many ways, subtle as well as obvious, concentration is the single most important key to success." Make yourself comfortable, sitting upright, with a straight spine. With your eyes closed, look at the point midway between the
  12. Don’t think you have any thing to worry about. The failure occurs at the time of implantation Guess you were one of the fortunate ones.
  13. I just poured some coke around the bowl edges (sides) and it did the trick! I have been a vegan approximately 12 years now. . I eat mostly steamed and boiled stuff. Beans, Soya products like soy milk tofu etc. I will think about your suggestion. But let me warn you I am not gourmet cook. I do use dietary supplements for vegans. kalip
  14. Tried that Coke thing. Poured a little in my toilet bowl last night. The bowl is sparkling clean this morning!!! PS. I don't drink that stuff kalip
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    Welcome back home Sharon Hope you recover enough to undergo your surgery soon kalip
  16. My Cardiologist has no confidence in those home blood pressure kits even those at the malls. He always say pay no attention to those readings that they are not accurate!! I have one of those OMRON home kits
  17. Some folks try it at sunset others at sunrise I try to practice meditation early on mornings, it is a very peaceful and relaxing experience. I have been trying to practice it a number of years now. As Deepak Chopra says in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” ‘Imagine throwing a little stone into a still pond and watching it ripple. Then after a while the ripple settles down, perhaps you throw another little stone. That’s exactly what you do when you go into the field of pure silence…..’
  18. Have any one read this? Sounds interesting http://www.alegent.com/body.cfm?id=35 There is another DVD Meditation For Beginners By Maritza which sounds useful Should be available on Barnes and Noble http://video.barnesandnoble.com/search/pro...956100008&FRM=0 P.S. I do practice meditation and it is very relaxing There are some very nice books by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr Wayne Dyer on this subject that makes good reading .
  19. Any one read this ? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5352843/
  20. Welcome to the board Maria. Believe me no question is stupid. With the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists on this site I think most of your concerns would be addressed I am sure that you would get good advice and support here. kalip
  21. Welcome to the board I have found the folks here very kind and helpful. Had a heart attack in 2001 October and have a damaged septal wall. I had two Cypher medicated stents inserted in my LAD artery on June 30, 2004 I am presently using Plavix and Statins and Beta Blockers. No problems so far. I feel fine now. Wish you all the best
  22. Thank you for your explanation kalip
  23. There seems too be some debate over the drugs Atenolol & Coreg. When I was discharged from the ICU the physician prescribed among other medications Atenolol. I told him that I was taking Coreg but he said that they are both beta blockers and I should take Atenolol 50 mgs per day for a few weeks & since my arteries are now clear; I would not need it for a prolonged period However when I visited my attended Cardiologist he disagreed insisting that I should go back to Coreg twice per day (12.5 mg). He said that I should continue taking Coreg since I have a reduced heart funct
  24. Thanks for the information. While I am now reading of this, the attending physician at the ICU did advise me that my LDL should be below 70. He increased my dosage of statin from 20 mg to 40 mg per day. My LDL is currently 103. I need to have a cholesterol test done in a couple of months
  25. This thyroid thing has started me thinking I had a thyroid problem in June 2001 just four months before my heart attack in October 2001. Wonder if the two were related? Chaz I'm sorry for what you have to go through about your wife Think you should give some serious thoughts to changing residence
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