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    Emergency CABG in 2004 at aged 52. Also dx'd with COPD, Type II diabetes, asthma, GERD, IBS, hypothyroidism, as well as CAD. Now feeling well 'though, believe it or not!! I have two grown sons, two small dogs, two cats, and (so far LOL) one hubby of more than 29 years of marriage.
  1. Congratulations Gibby!! An auspicious time of year to be born.... jan
  2. Hi Gibby (and Kalip too----SOOO nice to see you both still here!) You are right on and SO timely as usual. I should have kept up with this website contact rather than asked MD's. I have been eating gluten free for almost 5 months now, hearing a friend describe her husband's issues and.... WHAT an improvement over years and years of digestive issues. You have NO idea how many times I have undergone 'procedures' re digestion and bowels over so many years. with no results except condemnation...ICK!! Everyone kept saying add wheat fibre!!! I could not even eat at all late last year, withou
  3. Thanks, Fly. That is somewhat reassuring. I am just sick of all these sicknesses lol! Hopefully can skip the CT. Ultrasound is Friday. No one seems to take any of it too seriously anyway. Have been plagued by intermittent pain for months now and finally had a short term blockage last week...scary until it finally passed. All is lovely on the Island as expected this time of year. Bet you are having similar weather. Helps for showing our house (which is up for sale). Hope all is well with you? jan
  4. LOL, my younger son has been agitating for some years since he became more vegan himself for me to address my dietary issues more closely.... So, I did! I ate lots of tofu and lots of leafy veggies the last 6 or 8 months and, well, lots of nice Asian foods that I like.... I even lost some weight. Seems all was not good, however, and now I have kidney stones for which I am being investigated. Ultrasound is Friday. CT etc. may follow... NUTZ! Now I have to debate whether to put my calcium supplement back into my daily intake to address my systemic needs after depletion by a proton pump inhib
  5. Hi, "Concerned" and welcome. I apologize for the lateness of my reply and hope you have more information by now. I am also Canadian, living in a small city in Western Canada. If I had known then what I know now, 8 years ago when I was 52 and having symptoms similar to your hubby and was being pooh-poohed and delayed for referrals for months, I would just bypass the GP system altogether and skip right on in to ER. I would also persist in making appearances at ER even if I was initially put off by some staff, because they really are reluctant to discharge from ER even in Canada if the promin
  6. You always make this sound like such fun, Gibby! Sure wish I could be there . Enjoy some extra fatty thing for me... jan
  7. ...maybe the site is charmed?.....or maybe it is just that we are charming lol?? jan
  8. LOL, "finer than a frog's hair"....sure like that expression and it is new to me too And Lady Denise? How fare ye, fine maid? Me? My house is up for sale and my life is in chaos lol so not much is new here. Does anyone else find it a little odd that, with our health risks, we all seem to be still alive and kicking after all these years? jan
  9. Hi, Fly. We are still awaiting an update if you feel up to it...? Hope your strength is gradually returning. Take it easy, ok? jan
  10. Hi, Fly. We are still awaiting an update if you feel up to it... Hope you are 'on the mend' and feeling more up to snuff now! Take your time, ok? jan
  11. This just sounds a tad creepy to me.... Anyone else? jan
  12. I am VERY sorry to hear of all these problems Fly but am glad you now seem on the mend. My Dad also had a slightly psychotic/paranoid episode after his quad bypass in the early 1970's. The nurses told us it was not uncommon and that they sometimes called the cardiac ward the 'twilight zone'. My Dad kept thinking I was bringing in my cats to visit him and kept wanting them taken out so they would not scratch him. In his case, they thought, he had an overload of urea in his system that gradually righted itself. Anyway, you try to get better now, ya hear!!? You'll be back to fly-fishing soon
  13. This actually sounds good altho' likely not truly 'heart-healthy' lol.... More my style anyway.... Thanks, Chef Lindsay jan
  14. Thanks Kalip and a belated happy birthday. Merry christmas to everyone on this site....seems to be helping us all stay alive lol! jan
  15. How nice that all sounds Gilbert and thank you for sharing it !! As someone who gets out of breath climbing a flight of stairs I must admit I envy you a lot. I could not keep up with a polka when I was in my 20's lol.... Hope the season continues to bring you many joys. jan
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