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    I have a heart arrythmia, Supra Ventricular Tachycardia. I take a beta blocker, Metoprolol, but it doesn't help much. Have had angina and had a heart cathater done over a year ago with surprisingly good results...no blockage, and for that I am very grateful. I also have rhuematoid arthritis. Osteoparosis and had a colon resection over a year ago for acute diverticulitis. UPDATE: August 12, 2004 I had an ablation procedure for my heart arrythmia and seems it has been a successful procedure. :)
  1. Its good to hear from you Gordon, but so sorry that you are not doing well and especially that you are in so much pain! Bless your heart. I will keep you in my prayers. And sorry your Dad is having health problems too Jerry. Will also keep him in my prayers. God Bless, Pat
  2. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Gilbert! Birthday Hugs, Pat
  3. Wow, Irene, looking good on the fonts! Good for you for figuring it out! And thanks for the welcome back and kind words Irene and RickyB! Will try to come back more often. I have missed you all! Luv, Pat
  4. I'm so sorry about your brother, Gilbert, and sorry that I just now saw this, but my deepest sympathy to you and your family for his loss! God Bless, Pat
  5. Hi there Gordon! Good to see you posting here! I've been away awhile too, but good to see you and everyone! Hope all is well with you and your lovely Michelle! Hugs, Pat
  6. Hi my dear friends. Just popping in to see you all, I miss you. Wow, the site is working better for me now, so maybe I can check in more often! Just catching up a little, and, sounds like you have had some surgery, Gilbert, but are doing well now! Glad you still dancing up a storm..and belated Happy Birthday to Adele! Ahhh, Irene, your new addition to the family is so beautiful! Babies are heaven sent! How's everything with you Denise? Hope all is well. Good to see you other members still here, Tbear, Islandmom, Vicki, Kalip, flycaster, Paul, Rickyb...glad your here! An
  7. Oh My Jerry! So glad I checked in today...sorry I didn't check in sooner to add my prayers for your Dad during his surgery, but adding my prayers now for a fast and uncomplicated recovery for him! And prayers for you and the family too, I'm sure this has been a scary time for you all! God Bless and gentle hugs, Pat
  8. Hi everyone! Just popped in to say hi! Miss you all, but I'm on dang dial up and the new program here is sooooo slow for me to get into. Hope all is well with everyone. Hugs, Pat
  9. That is good news about your kidney US Denise. Glad to hear it. Sorry you and Irene have the swelling in your legs and feet. That has to be uncomfortable too. Glad you arrythmias aren't as bad as they use to be Irene! I have an occassional PVC now since I had my ablation but it is just nothing more than annoying. They are far and few in between and never last long, thank goodness! Hugs, Pat
  10. THis is excellent information Denise! Thank you! And good luck on your kidney ultra sound. Let us know when you get the results of the test. Hugs, Pat
  11. Oh no....snow in Floriday! Holy Crap!!!! And 13 degrees! Yikes, Jerry! It has been unusually cold here in Phoenix this winter too...32 degrees one night, and that is bad enough. It has warmed up pretty nice the last week or so but suppose to get colder again next week. No snow tho! I think I have seen just a tad of snow twice since living here over 38 years, and it melted as quick as it hit the ground. One time we had hail..very small hail so it looked like snow on the ground till you looked close. A lot of pictures were going around with people saying it snowed .... but it wasn't sno
  12. Awww Denise, what a loving Grandma and Grandpa Rowan has!!! That was so sweet of you to do that and I know it would not have been easy. What we go through for our sweet Grandbabes! But it will be so rewarding seeing his happy face at his Birthday party there!!!
  13. No cooking for me over these Holiday! Yippie, didn't miss it at all. My oldest son and wife came over Christmas Eve and brought food, talked to my Mom and Son in Missouri...and my youngest son and grandsons don't have time for Mom/Grandma! So that was disappointing but...kids these days!!! I did go to a very nice Christmas dinner at my neighbors brother's home with her so that was nice. Just always glad when these Holidays are over tho. So much work...but won't be next year....not going to bake near as much since my one son and his kids don't ever bother to come get what I baked for them
  14. Sorry, I don't check in as often as I use too...but think of you all often and will always check in every now and then! Hugs, Pat
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