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  1. I have suffered social anxiety all my life until a few years ago, to the point that I never even went out at night in my twenties. The answer to improving mental health is looking into yourself, identifying your fears, and then exposing yourself to them little by little. In time you stop acting awkwardly in regards to your trigger whatever it may be, your looks, your weight, your hair color, your smile, your race, your social status, etc. I hope you guys are still faring well this 2021.
  2. So it says on the article that fish oil do have benefits right? I'll be sure to take note of the difference between Vascepa and Epanova. The good and the bad one. Thanks for this article.
  3. Thanks Ricky! Indeed lots of information here that's well worth to read!
  4. I've read in an article that the reason for this was because major drug companies don't see any profit on making this drug. Well, I'm not surprised. It's profit afterall.
  5. Good thing I do exercise everyday. It's the best way to accumulate more brown fats to your body!
  6. I would not argue with this as I'm a coffee lover. I'm rather thankful that coffee has this benefits so even if I get older, I still get to enjoy my coffee. 😀
  7. Was this new medicine already out for commercial use?
  8. Try the Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs Vegan, it's also delicious!
  9. Thank you both! This forum seems very quiet but I'm glad you guys keeps on sharing helpful articles here. Kudos to both of you!
  10. True, I always love eating veggies and fruits, but at the same time, I never skip few meats a week. I feel like I need them both working in balance.
  11. Hi, new here, the articles you share are very helpful. Thanks!
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