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  1. Two fuels: sugar and fat. Choose one. My choice is fat. My reasons: hormonal support, better energy levels, calmer mood. Also less insulin thus less insulin resistance, less fat storage...
  2. I was amazed how many meat eaters cleared the shelves during the lock down. Not ALL vegan patties resemble MEAT. Some are loaded with vegetables, garbanzo flour, etc. Minimum processing. I do admit to "burning out' on some of the Gardein products, but there are so many other brands to choose from. Some are dry, and tough, so I wrap in foil, add a little water to it, and bake awhile. I talked a young couple into trying the frozen "Just Egg" mini omlette squares. They are all plant derived, and super. Whole foods has them in the frozen breakfast area. Pop them in a toaster!
  3. I have a question about length of treatment , should one use this drug for life time or for a couple of years? Will lost weight come back on you waist and body when you stop taking medication ? Please share if you had any experience with weight gain after finishing your treatment, thanks!
  4. I came across a whole food plant based last Dec. and since then I have lost 40 lbs, my bld pressure 110 or lower, my A1c is normal range. I eat crazy amounts of food now and variety and it taste so much better that what I used to eat. We are not brought up to eat this way so we fight it but it's better than what you would've imagined in every way. I no longer use oil in my food and you don't need to surprisingly. Although sometimes I still eat if I choose to cheat on myself and I haven't gained weight.
  5. If anyone believes what the government says about "returning to normal" they're delusional.
  6. Great article to read. Indeed it is a self-awareness to me and my daughter.
  7. I'll personally follow this articles' tips when I get old. I'm scared of getting old that I want to prepare myself for it.
  8. Agreed, the best diet drink you can get is coconut water straight from the coconut or water, why drink an artificially sweetened drink will harm your health in the long term as research is now showing.
  9. I use butter(mostly) and olive as my cooking oils, and they are both wonderful to use.
  10. I love dairy and milk, but my body can't handle it very well. If I could, I would drink a gallon of skim milk a day, but in the end, a glass of it will give me the shits, the cramps, and the constipation. It feels like a stomach ache w/ severe bloat.
  11. I have suffered social anxiety all my life until a few years ago, to the point that I never even went out at night in my twenties. The answer to improving mental health is looking into yourself, identifying your fears, and then exposing yourself to them little by little. In time you stop acting awkwardly in regards to your trigger whatever it may be, your looks, your weight, your hair color, your smile, your race, your social status, etc. I hope you guys are still faring well this 2021.
  12. So it says on the article that fish oil do have benefits right? I'll be sure to take note of the difference between Vascepa and Epanova. The good and the bad one. Thanks for this article.
  13. Thanks Ricky! Indeed lots of information here that's well worth to read!
  14. I've read in an article that the reason for this was because major drug companies don't see any profit on making this drug. Well, I'm not surprised. It's profit afterall.
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