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  1. You should get one, but make sure you did your research first before deciding to get one. Pets have feelings too so you better be up to the task on making sure they are well cared and loved before having one. Btw, how are you doing now? It's almost the end of the year, I hope you can celebrate with your familyagain even just in face time on this important day!
  2. No advice, but from me some empathy. As a mostly retired part time dog walker, I have very little contact with humans on a daily basis. I do try to keep up with my weight training and other exercise, just in case there might be life on the other side of this mess. I have my dog to keep me busy, as well as the other dogs for whom I take care. We have the beach, which changes daily, in terms of just watching nature, the waves, the seaweed or lack thereof, the pelicans, the dogs playing. I read books, and always have a few books which I have not yet read from which to choose whenever I finish one
  3. And be smart enough to follow protocols, we have eldery and younger kids to protect too and not just ourselves.
  4. I suggest to call their hotline number and politely ask if there are exceptions you can have since it's pandemic.
  5. Right now, testing of vaccines are on-going and hopefully a final vaccine will be released later this year. I doubt that supercomputer will be online soon to be of help with covid-19.
  6. I'm wearing one whenever I'm outdoors. It comes with style too and very comfortable to wear.
  7. Gonna have to try this with my family this weekend. Love it ❤️
  8. I always bring my own tissue and alcohol whenever I go outside and use public bathrooms. I don't enter those premises as well if there's lots of people inside.
  9. This is really true. Having diabetes is scary and one of the top sickness I would very much hope to not acquire. But I feel that my sugar intake is high lately. I hope it's still not too late for me to be healthier again. With Covid-19 around, I'm not sure how it will still end well with people who have existing diabetes if they acquire the virus.
  10. I'd prefer Coconut Oil, lots of ways on how it can be beneficial to one's health.
  11. Where to buy agar powder or kappa carrageenan?
  12. Thank you for this information, really helpful
  13. Will be looking at the link provided. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for this kalip, this helps especially with people who have anxiety. I wish for you and your family safety!
  15. Awesome, you gave hope and have helped a lot of people here.
  16. Thank you, you have posted a very interesting and helpful information.
  17. That looks tasty, I would love to try that. My kids will surely love it!
  18. so good of you @kalip, thanks for sharing that information it's very helpful.
  19. very informative and helpful. thank you so much for sharing. May God bless us all!
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