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  1. Well, things have changed since the s6 came out. Developing for this phone is almost impossible because the snapdragon version bootloader is locked down and exynos one is a closed source.
  2. I think there is this tendency to blame genetics as a catch all for many things in life. Some people genuinely do have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol, and I mean a defect in genetic function so that cholesterol builds to abnormally high levels. But even these people can dramatically lower their cholesterol levels on a plant based, very very little to NO oil diet. Just because you don't directly consume a lot of cholesterol, that doesn't mean everything else you eat is 'safe' to stuff your faces with. Processed oils of any kind is bad and can raise your cholesterol levels. Ju
  3. You can always install an heart rate monitor from the playstore which uses the camera to get your pulse. But it might not be as accurate as the built in S health and as far as I know, samsung isn't very developer friendly so there might never be a third party app which will be able to use the built in monitor.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9GQ4RPhKyY This Dr's video is really helpful and educating too!
  5. I will say that coffee usually gives me some weird side effects, but maybe I'll start drinking it in small amounts and build up an immunity. Could be helpful!
  6. Never had one of these problems with Milk or lactose, but this is an eye-opener, so thanks!
  7. I agree, that's why too much consumption of anything is bad as well as the opposite of it. I do eat dark chocolate every worning after drinking a full glass of water, that's my routine everyday, plus a diet with veggies and fruits.
  8. This is such a nice article, thank you.
  9. Had depression. Bloody hard, harder even to face the ignorance in health bodies, social services, and people in general. Mental health problem equals threat to most!! To this very day.
  10. Some years ago when I first got diagnose with diabetes, can recall, I asked a similar question, and this was the answer which was given to me, which I kept on file. And every so often I go back and have a peep, do you know it never gets any better? My advice perseverance. Diabetes sometimes feels like the ultimate roller coaster, ups and downs, no idea what’s around the corner, and moments where I fear for my life. Part of that ride is an incredibly emotional and mental balancing act. This adds up to a lot of mental pressure every day, and along with it, feelings of frustration and f
  11. You should get one, but make sure you did your research first before deciding to get one. Pets have feelings too so you better be up to the task on making sure they are well cared and loved before having one. Btw, how are you doing now? It's almost the end of the year, I hope you can celebrate with your familyagain even just in face time on this important day!
  12. No advice, but from me some empathy. As a mostly retired part time dog walker, I have very little contact with humans on a daily basis. I do try to keep up with my weight training and other exercise, just in case there might be life on the other side of this mess. I have my dog to keep me busy, as well as the other dogs for whom I take care. We have the beach, which changes daily, in terms of just watching nature, the waves, the seaweed or lack thereof, the pelicans, the dogs playing. I read books, and always have a few books which I have not yet read from which to choose whenever I finish one
  13. And be smart enough to follow protocols, we have eldery and younger kids to protect too and not just ourselves.
  14. I suggest to call their hotline number and politely ask if there are exceptions you can have since it's pandemic.
  15. Right now, testing of vaccines are on-going and hopefully a final vaccine will be released later this year. I doubt that supercomputer will be online soon to be of help with covid-19.
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