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  1. “They declined, probably because they didn’t see enough margins on the return of the product,” says Ruth Webster.
  2. Thanks for your encouraging thoughts HeartHeaves. I really appreaciate it.
  3. Hi! I did and I had fun celebrating New Year with my family and and cousin's family (they've decided to spend the New Year with us), so it became a bigger party that night. How about you? I hope you also had a great New Year with your family or relatives. :)
  4. I already have stocked 2lbs of Tempeh to make these. Yum!
  5. Thanks @paigecan for sharing your wonderful ideas. I wish you well and safe this holiday. I wish I have a dog too that will brighten my day and keep me busy all the time.
  6. I'm no vegan but I've always loved eating veggies, all kinds of it. Though I eat meat and I loved it too, I respect all vegans for their diet.
  7. I'm stopping by and would like to leave this article here that I've stumbled upon looking for some ways to cope with anxiety, stress etc during this pandemic and I hope that anyone who reads this will find some good advice too as I have done. Merry Christmas everyone! https://www.heretohelp.bc.ca/infosheet/covid-19-and-anxiety
  8. Hi RickyB, I've felt so embarassed asking this topic here, I wish you and your wife to be 100% safe during this pandemic. I'll pray for your wife's fast recovery. This is indeed a hard times we all must pass, but at the same time, we should not let this situation get the whole of us. Thank you for making me realize that. Please be safe. 🥺
  9. Hi, How is everyone holding up? I hope all is going well with you and your family. I, myself don't feel good, I've been feeling anxious these past few days, I have this feeling that it is unsafe to go out, thinking what if the person I meet is infected, what if the places I go is contaminated. I feel something is lacking. My body feel sick since I used to have an active life before this Covid-19 pandemic. I do smile and laugh,...but deep inside I have this anxiety if we ever gonna be real safe... Did you also feel the same way?
  10. I'm using gorgeous mask by Katie May collections and still doing it's main purpose.
  11. University of CincinnatoSeptember 22 2020With personal protective equipment still in short supply, researchers at the University of Cincinnati examined what common household fabrics might work best as a face covering.Next to a single-use N95 respirator or surgical mask, UC found the best alternative could be made by a hungry little caterpillar. Silk face masks are comfortable, breathable and repel moisture, which is a desirable trait in fighting an airborne virus.Perhaps best of all, silk contains natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties that could help ward off the virus,
  12. I'm doing calorie-deficit, not that fast but still I get to eat what I want and lose fats at the same time.
  13. I've thought of that as well, let's just hope something good and beneficial with today's situation will come out of it.
  14. Hi, What are your thoughts? Will it truly helps us against Covid-19 or rather will it bring about a new discovery to medical research in the future? https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-building-uks-most-powerful-supercomputer-dedicated-to-ai-research-in-healthcare
  15. Hi there, I hope you are doing okay. Seems that there's no one around to help you with your concern. But I see that the there are posts here that are nice to read. You might want to look them at if it answer your query. Cheers!
  16. I've been on veg diet sience early 2019. Thanks for this, a good read.
  17. This is a good read. Thank you Kalip.
  18. Awesome! Health practitioners around the world should be taught by this, great innovation.
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