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  1. Male anger is minimal. It'll go away quicker. Female anger is longer and will usually carry on. When I'm angry, it sticks longer.
  2. That's not Samsung that I knew when I had Galaxy S2.
  3. It's possible, or maybe even expected, for a bioactive substance to be harmful at a certain dose and beneficial at another. Toxicologists sometimes talk about "monotonic" response (more = better) versus "diatonic" response (more = better until more=worse). Both green tea and coffee would be expected to have diatonic responses, and the primary difference might very well be the tipping point where good becomes bad.
  4. Looks good tastes even better. To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe.
  5. Definitely! There is a huge difference between exercising at work and exercising by choice.
  6. Although there is general consensus that lower doses of aspirin are usually as effective as, and safer than, higher doses for most indications, there is much variability in prescribing patterns in part related to the lack of a robust evidence base for certain disease states. Good luck!
  7. I've been trying to find an app that uses the built in heart rate sensor from galaxy s7 and couldn't find any. I don't want to use SHealth that does a lot more. Thanks for the answers!
  8. In relation to this topic. FDA approves chronic heart failure drug developed by Merck, Bayer. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/pharmacy/fda-approves-chronic-heart-failure-drug-developed-by-merck-bayer.html
  9. Beta-blockers also cut down on Renin secretion, and work well with diuretics like metalozone. In general, any drug which lowers blood pressure (a means of cutting down on the work the heart has to do) will cause fluid retention, which brings the blood pressure back up. For this reason it is ideal to start with a diuretic first, then later add an additional blood pressure lowering agent.
  10. Hitting 35 can be a real challenge for losing and keeping weight off. I really need to watch my food intake and eat foods that satisfy me. Lots of healthy fats, lean proteins, whole grains fruits and veggies. Will definitely try to get rid of the meal replacement bar and try to eat something 'real'.
  11. Garlic and ginger is my basis in cold months, I eat garlic toast and drink ginger tea almost every day.
  12. A proper diet will, vegetables, chicken, beef or fish diet (no pork). It will be a long-term process to become that healthy though.
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