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  1. Not only depression but also with anxiety. Good article, thanks!
  2. Had that one the other week. I really love BBQ recipes. Will probally make this again this weekend!
  3. Any opinions on this matter, or links to other pages where this issue might have already been discussed, would be highly appreciated.
  4. I honestly believe about the 8th fact. My mon who is in her 70s can still lift the plants around the house. She loves taking care of our garden especially her orchids, it's like it's her job not letting those plants wilt.
  5. I've been doing some meditation these days with the help of a friend who also knows yoga. It would be great if I learn that too in perfect timing.
  6. What were the challenges you faced when your Dr. put you for a lifelong medication? Was the transition easy? Please feel free to share it here.
  7. Always a pleasant to read about heart articles. Thank you.
  8. This looks delicious, I've heard that coconut rice is a good compliment with spicy dishes. Must try!
  9. I tried intermittent fasting from early July to mid-September. I was eating between Noon and 6:00 p.m. I wasn‘t really dieting during the eating window, but I certainly was paying attention to what I was eating. Nothing happened. Very discouraging. have put on some weight during the pandemic. I should probably try a low carb diet, but I’m not sure I have it in me. So hard.
  10. Breathing exercises and meditation are a wonderful way to bring our overall state of arousal down and back under control. One of the methods I use when my anxiety is creeping up on me is to focus on the tip of my tongue as I breath (that is where I 'feel' the air entering my body... for some it's the tip of the nose, or they feel their breath in their chest or stomach... wherever it is, focus on it!). I count ten breaths, one for in, two for out... all the way to 10, and then start again. This is a great mindfulness activity you can do anywhere at any time and nobody knows you're doing it
  11. I'm rooting to learn more about this, a friend of mine has a family history of diabetes, so I hope we will get further knowledge about how true is this theory.
  12. Oh, my apologies, I missed it.
  13. Yes, if the results fills your mind with a lot of questions, go look for a second opinion from a professional doctor. Our intuition is often right than wrong.
  14. I'm gonna be following this itinerary, a road trip from Nevada- Las Vegas. https://www.10best.com/interests/explore/las-vegas-denver-road-trip-loop-2-week-itinerary/ Is there something I need to know about these places this pandemic? I'm quite sure though that I can avoid the crowd going this route. But not sure with passes.
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