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    I am Will, a newbie in this forum but been around for quite sometime. My dad is an alzheimers patient and a heart patient too. Though he is under expert assistance I am the main caregiver. I read everything about heart diseases and alzheimers, dementia and try help my dad cope with this situation.
  1. Excellent thread. A very good thread on ageing and the imminent changes it brings with it. True, with age our heart toils hard for breathing leading to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. Exercising is the simplest solution, keeping your body weight under control. A healthy diet to large extent another deciding factor. Quit all bad addictions like alcohol and cigars. Balanced calcium intake would strengthen the bones. Protect your fragile skin. Adopt right measures to fulfill your sexual desires. Prevention is better than cure. Keep yourself well informed about the possible situations and be well prepared to deal with them. These days medical pendants, alarm watches are in great demand. There are many tablet apps to cater to the different needs of people in the health care industry. Check for five new apps in this article (http://www.cestarcollege.com/blog/tablet-apps/five-new-tablet-apps-for-the-healthcare-industry/ ).It was in January that I read an interesting news about how an Ottawa based stroke specialist developed a tablet app . http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-stroke-specialist-develops-tablet-based-apps-to-help-with-recovery-1.3229348
  2. Recent studies show that , even if they have the power it would depend on race and ethnicity. Black men appears to gain least from taking statin while white women lowers their risk regardless of which type of statin. Good news if this proves right? Will it help improve the health condition of those already under medication for Alzheimer's? Hope its intake won't interfere with the present medications. As I mentioned earlier, my dad is an Alzheimer's patient, under the care of assisted living facilities nevada, prestige care inc. He is undergoing some memory improvement program called expressions. Studies go on to show that statin cut the risk of dementia by up to 15 percent.
  3. My uncle Abraham is still in my heart with his warmth and love. I pray for his soul. he was a heart patient. Very close to our heart. He was single and we were everything for him. I love you Abbie( I affectionately used to call him), wherever you are..... God bless your soul
  4. Its a doubt rather. recently I happened to hear that they are at the risk of arrhythmais. What exactly is this disease ? What are the chances of getting this for a 65 year old man who is an acute heart patient
  5. This phase called grey area is a precursor stage before mellitus when symptoms are not quite evident/present for diagnosis. But blood sugar would be very high.
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