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    MI 10-13-03.stent RCA.I ain't dead yet.family history of vascular disease. Right carotid surgery 01-30-03,watching left side Illiac stents June 2005 2 more stents RCA May 9 2006,happy birthday another stent RCA July 2007 Another angio Dec 19th 2007.65% blockage curcumflex. 2 stents circumflex and 2 stents Carotid February 2009 . TIA May 24 2009. MI June 9th 2009. CABGX4 June 16 2010 MI December 16 2012 MI June 2013 Fem-Pop Bypass March 24 2014
  1. Thanks for coming to Heartboard. It may not be the busiest board on the internet but there is some great information here. Kalip is great at finding very useful info. Tell us a little about yourself and maybe he can find something to help you. I remember when this board was hopping but like most boards full of sick people we have lost a lot. Drop in just so we know you are still around. As for me I have been here since day 1. I am 62 from Central Texas with a list full of medical problems. I just live day to day and keep on going. This place has helped bunches. Later.
  2. welcome to Heartboard HeartHeaves.
  3. I don't really feel unsafe leaving the house but I don't get out much. I had an old family friend die the other day and his funeral was today. I decided I just couldn't go and be around so many people. If I get covid I doubt if I will make it but I don't let it rule my life. I have severe COPD, Diabetes and vascular problems. I try to use common sense when I do go out. I wear my mask and try to social distance. I still go to Walmart or the grocery store. I took my wife to doctors appointment. She had major spinal surgery 3 weeks ago and can't drive. I go to doctor tomorrow. I don't get out as
  4. Kalip you are doing a great job with all the articles you post. Keep up the good work.
  5. Kay died February 6 2019 at 65. She had been sick a long time. She had a quad bi-pass in 1999 and was in a coma for 2 weeks. A year later she lost a leg due to complications of diabetes. She leaves behind 2 sons with 5 grandchildren. 2 sisters and 3 brothers. The hardest hit was Mom. Mom had been her caretaker most of the last 20 years and Kay was her 1st born.My wife and I shared a house with Mom and Kay the last 2 years. It's hard getting back to the new normal. I am going to miss my big sister.
  6. good to hear from you Gordo. If it wasn't for Kalip nothing would be happening here. Take care.
  7. You have done a great job posting all the articles. While nobody writes on here anymore you can see how any people are reading the articles.Keep up the great work.
  8. Thanks for all the post you are making.Very informative.Keep up the great work
  9. not god to hear Gilbert.Take care.
  10. interesting article.If we quit eating all the food that is bad for us there wouldn't be anything left to eat.Eat certain foods in moderation.Don't eat a pound of bacon a day.
  11. Good article Kalip.I know that I have memory issues.With diabetes,carotid disease and missing most of right temporal lobe I don't have a chance of remembering things.
  12. that's a good question.Comin up on 5 years since my CABGX4.I was able to go back to work after and lasted 2 years before I had to give it up.I've had 2 MI's since then and am on disability.Last year at this time I was recovering from Fem-Pop Bi-pass.Some days I feel great but others I have trouble doing anything.I haven't had the big one but with 5 small MI's the damage to the heart adds up.The hard part is struggling to do even the small things.Taking out the trash is rough.It's a good 25 yards to the dumpster and I have to stop and rest to make it back to the apartment.My wife will fuss at
  13. I enjoyed going o your trip with you.pictures were great.
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