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    What a lucky person I am to be able to have this website and have a great group of participates. We really do need to take care of one another. I am thankful to all of you for making us such a success in helping others.
  1. You can get a lot of tips and tricks if you read some posts in the, Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips Section
  2. good insight and I have to agree.
  3. Coumadin is a very nasty drug all the way around. I know this will not be popular post for the pharmaceutical company, but it is my opinion if you do not need to absolutely be on it, do not take.
  4. Welcome to HB Mysty. Look at the forum Heart Healthy Recipe's, there you will find hundreds of recipes. Hope it helps.
  5. We pray it all goes well, please check in asap to let us know how it went.
  6. Thousands of adults may be needlessly taking tablets for high blood pressure, doctors say. A panel of experts in the U.S. has recommended that adults over 60 should only be prescribed medicine when their blood pressure levels reach 150 over 90 or higher. This is due to the side effects that blood pressure tablets can cause, such as fainting and falls in older people and interaction with other medicines they are taking. The new guidance was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In it, the doctors stress they are not changing the definition of high blood pressure: 140
  7. Contributed by Kalip
  8. When it comes to improving heart health, the mind can be a powerful tool. For those with heart disease, psychological therapies can decrease the likelihood of heart attack and death. While heart disease therapies involving exercise, diet and medication can improve physical health, the benefits of mental therapies may be less obvious. A new study found that heart disease patients may lower the risk of heart attacks and death if they receive psychological support, including music therapy and talking about their treatment. Zoi Aggelopoulou, RN, PhD, with NIMTS Veterans Hospital of Athens,
  9. Florida Oral Surgery help me out again this week with an issue I was having. Let me say again what a terrific job they do from Dr DeWild to everyone on his staff. This is how a medical facility is suppose to be run. The staff are all aces in my book and I appreciate what everyone does in order to help the patient's experience be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. You all get a 10 out 10 . Thanks again for everything . Jerry Harris Heartboard.com Co-founder
  10. An exercise study provides good news for people who don’t like to jog, but want a healthy heart. It suggests that taking a brisk walk in the park, at the mall or on the treadmill may be all it takes to keep the ticker ticking. Duke University researchers found that the amount of exercise may be more important than intensity to improve cardiovascular health. Just as earlier research has indicated, the study of 133 overweight sedentary men and women found that two to three hours of exercise a week at a moderate intensity can greatly reduce cardiovascular disease. Researchers said the fin
  11. Now a study has found that in fact music can strengthen the heart - and improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease. Cardiologists said the findings suggested that all people could boost the health of their hearts simply by listening to their favorite tunes. Patients with cardiac disease were divided into three groups. Some were enrolled in exercise classes for three weeks. Others were put in the same classes, but also told to listen to music of their choice at any point for 30 minutes every day. A third group only listened to music, and did not take cardio-vascular exerci
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