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    My husband has had heart surgery 5 yrs ago and Thursday of this past week he had a mild heart attack, that's the reason I am here to get heart healthy recipes, changing diet completely.
  1. u Thanks no excuse, I found some food items that are lo in fat and taste good, one is a ham steak, and I heard chicken tacos are good without the taco seasoning, use herbs and a lil chili powder. This is all new to me and trying to get good and tasty meals is not easy. Thanks for the info.
  2. He is doing ok today, just got out of hospital on Friday and is doing ok. My concern is his diet, I want to start a Heart Healthy diet,and am an amateur at this. I need to know what is a good salt substitute as well as some menus for chicken dinners (baked). Like I said I'm an amateur at this right now, and also nervous, was a real scare the other day. I meant to say he had Open Heart surgery with quadruple by pass 5 yrs ago,, this recent incident just happened this past Wednesday. Cindy
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