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  1. Kathlyn1950

    Good Morning

    Hi, I'm not doing anything today, but maybe some rubber stamping and scrapbooking. My kids are all gone, as welll as the grandchildren. They will all be here this weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and fun day!!
  2. Kathlyn1950

    Good Morning

    Thank you, Jan and Gordon. It's good to be back. Hugs, Kathy
  3. Jan, I am so glad you thought to write about this. I also LOVED the rides at amusement parks. I usually think about that once a year but never have asked my dr because I guess I sit it in the back of my mind as not top priority. I was talking to my granddaughter on our way home from a grad party last night and she asked if I could do this and I said I didn't know. Now I know. I don't think I want to even try it now. I still may ask my dr. It was not a frivilous question at all. Heck we deserve to have some fun, don't we?
  4. Hello, Teri. I have not been back to the board in ages, either. I know your friends are happy to see you here and updating us on how you are doing. It is good seeing all the familiar names here! Hugs, Kathy
  5. Kathlyn1950

    Good Morning

    We are having a warm and beautiful day in Michigan, too. It was 77 yesterday and it promises to be the same today.
  6. I used to make my own yogurt years ago. It has been such a long time I have no idea where I purchsed the yogurt maker. To give you an idea how old it was, I think it's retro now because the base was orange plastic. Do you like it plain and/or add things to it, use it in baking/cooking?
  7. My garden is BAD. After my heart attack I let it go. I have never had a green thumb. Kind of brown I think. My tulips and other bulbs did come up nicely this year, however. Now to get the fence painted this spring; before the really hot weather.
  8. Heidi, that is one of the ones I can get here, and Bertolli (sp?)> I always, most of the time, get them on sale. Seems really good, does't it? These are both brands I've seen advertised in national magazines, so there are some that are possibly the same across the country. That sounds like a good price, Heidi.
  9. What a cute dog, Heidi. As you will see by my avatar, I've changd from my adorable grandson who just turned two, to my cat, India. LOL. I wanted to make a little change.
  10. Kalip, I'm so sorry I did not read this earlier so that I could pay my respects. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. It's so hard to lose a parent, even when we know it's inevitable. My thoughts are with you. Kathy
  11. Kalip, I went to the website and it said that the page could not be found. I took off the end after "org" and I still got the same message. Is this my browser or is the website down/changed? Can others get in?
  12. Doyou know offhand what some good brands are (hopefully those that are not expensive, lol)? I buy on sale, but try to go for a little better brand. Someone told me the store brand was just as good, but I have no clue if that person knew what she was talking about (my mother, wink). Thanks. Great tip!
  13. The only food I'd be concerned about asking my dr. about is the wine. But it could be a good excuse to start drinking. Just kidding. Great resources kalip and Heidi. I didn't know that too many carbs could lower the HDL. Thanks for the information!
  14. Hello Koveekov, glad to hear that your father had those good tests!
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