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  1. Hi Everyone:) I'm also the oddball, no heart attack, 2 drug eluting stents in RCA on August 12, 2004. Happy Anniversary All. God Bless Us All!!! Take care, be well..... xoxoxmary aka mm120754 and mm1207 Love Peace and Happiness
  2. Hi Potolla:) Sorry your having problems. I hope all goes well with you and your test. But you know when my cardio listened to my heart, he had asked me if I had gained weight recently and yes low and behold I did gain 10 lbs. I remember him telling me that it could very well be the Paxil, I'm on Paxil still but instead of 20 I'm on 40mgs. since I've had more depression recently because of crap going on in my life. Best of luck with everything. Love, peace and happiness always, be well too!! xoxoxomm1207 aka Mary
  3. Hi Everybody!!!!! I just got back from the hematologist office. My WBC is completely normal now, had several blood test with good results, probably low because of strep throat. Yipee, no more seeing him unless I have a problem again. My sonogram showed a cyst on one of my kidneys, but not to worry, fairly normal. I still have a fairly large growth on my adrenal gland, but so far it hasn't changed. Glad and grateful for the good results and everyone's thoughts and prayers. Take care, God Bless and be well xoxomm120754 aka mm1207 MARY
  4. Hi Everybody:) I thought that I should let you know that I was 23 years old when I had a hysterectomy, I had thanked God for 2 beautiful healthy daughters. I developed precancer cells of the uterus and cervix, eventyually I would have a complete hysterectomy. So I opted for the complete hysterectomy. I must say at 23 I really would of liked to have had another child, but I thank God for what I had and let it go at that. My doctor mentioned something about heart disease, but at 23 did I actually believe this, no not me. Look at me now, I really should have paid attention to this a
  5. Good Evening Everyone!!!! Hope all is well with everyone!!! Denise I'm really happy that things turned out well for you. I finally complained enough to get a script for NitroQuick .4 mgs. Of course, you know that I haven't had a need to use it yet!!!!. I bet if I didn't have the script finally I'd be having chest pains. Go figure. My PCP gave this to me not my cardio, I figure I won't tell him until I know if its helpful or not. Cardio thinks its my stomach and Gastro said its not. I'm having fun loosing my mind (HA HA). Seriously I had my stomach sonogram and will see the
  6. Dear Denise: I'm soo sorry that your having a hard time dealing with the waiting game of your test results. It does suck!!!!! However, I want you to know that I had a recent colonoscopy (April) with 2 polyps removed that turned out negative. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I pray and believe things will be OK with you. I'll light a candle for you too!!!! God Bless Us All xoxomm120754 aka mm1207 This is for you too!!!!
  7. Dear Stardreamer: I'm hoping and saying a prayer for you on your upcoming heart cath. God Bless You, I hope things turn out well for you. Please keep us posted as to what is going on and NO YOUR NOT A WHINER - WE ALL NEED A PLEASE TO VENT!!!!! Take care, be well and God Bless xoxomm120754 aka mm1207 MARY
  8. Hi Everyone!!!! This crazy lady is having chest pain again on and off all day, it kinda feels like ripping or tearing. My blood pressure is up and I will see my PCP tomorrow and complain about this. I swear this is driving me crazy. I really need some guidance here folks. Anyone have any ideas whats happening???? I'm tired of this craziness. HELP!!!! Love, Peace and Happiness (sounds like the 70's) God Bless Us All!!! xoxo mm120754 aka mm1207
  9. Good Evening All Hope all is well. I went to the hematologist since I've been off Lipitor (1 week) had more bloods drawn. My abdomen sonogram is on Monday, June 13th. According to my prior bloodtest liver enzymes are going lower. 1 more week off the Lipitor. I have not told my cardio that I'm off the Lipitor and Zetia. I figure since I'm well below all levels, it won't hurt. I saw Gastro today 6/6. My colonoscopy test results were good. I had 2 polyops removed and they were benign. Thank God. Gastro does not believe my stomach is my problem. Go figure this out. Cardi
  10. Dear Star!!!! I'm soo sorry that your going through everything again. I know that feeling well - about when where and how and if I should. Not as much as you but I know where your coming from. I'll say a prayer for you and hope that your upcoming stress test goes well. Do you usually have normal results on the stress test??? Just curious. Take care, be well and God Bless xoxomm120754 a/k/a mm1207 Mary
  11. Hello Everyone!!! I'm updating you on my visit with the hematologist on Saturday. I have some elevated liver enzymes, looking into maybe Lipitor doing this. I'll be having a sonagram of my abdomen to check liver basically. Will be off the Lipitor and Zetia for 2 weeks. My levels are good and well below normal. Had some more bloods drawn. We shall see. So far, my autoimmune and thyroid is OK!!! That's good news. I'm also taking a water pill Triamterene/HCTZ (Dyazide or Maxzide). I will see the hematologist again on Sat., June 4. Until then just waiting to see what's going on. Tha
  12. Hello and Happy Memorial Day to All: I hope everyone said a prayer for all who lost their lives to give us freedom throughout the wars of WWI, WWII, Korean, Viet Nam, Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq. God Bless them and their families and keep those at war, safe. mm120754 a/k/a mm1207
  13. Good Evening Everybody:) Just keeping you up to date about my recent cardio visit. All of my tests were normal. Go figure. I told him that I still had chest pain on and off but not as bad as before. My pressure was up 180/90, he put me on a diuretic to take with the altace. I was wondering could I have had chest pain because of the HBP????? He said if I have anymore problems he's a phone call away. Guess I'll see how this diuretic thing goes. Will see hematologist on Sat. 5/28. Maybe he has some answers. I really don't know, but I'm anxious to find out what's going on. Th
  14. mm120754

    stress test

    Good evening everyone and welcome Gloria:) I understand your being nervous, however like everyone before said there are people there with you all the way. It's not too bad. But I also agree with Kalip that how reliable are thallium stress test???? I had every non-invasive test going and nothing showed until I had a heart cath. For a disease to take decades to happen and 14 months before me getting stents nothing showed up. Help me to understand this folks. Again Gloria, best of luck to you and let us know how you do!!! xoxoMM120754 a/k/a MM1207
  15. Kathlyn: Oh my gosh!! What else does the female anatomy have to look forward too???? I think on my next cardio visit on 5/26, I'll be handing him a copy of this article. Like I had said when I first starting posting on Heartboard in August, I had every non-invasive test going, it never showed anything until the heart cath. Thanks for this very interesting information. Take care, be well and God Bless us all!!! xoxoMary
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