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    Salt Lake City, UT on occassion the rest of the time I am not really sure but , no matter, I always seem to return to here which at the moment is SLC.
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    Reading, playing the piano, listening to great music of all kinds- that fairly new Beatles CD created for Cirque de Soleil. But I also love to listen to Bach, Mozart- his Requiem which ironically
    enough he wrote while dying( he could hear it faster than he could write it down!), Messeian-Quators de la fin de Temp especially, Debussey, Pucinni, Shoenburg, Adams, Janacek, Chopin- the Etudes esp., almost all chamber music and of course Beethoven who wrote nothing I do not like.

    Meditating, a scholar of the scriptures and English/American Literature combined with critical theory and archetype vis a vis Carl Jung,

    The mountains and all their splendor for the absolute serenity they own and the balancing of my life they freely give. I love hiking especially with may family. altough these are baby step walks now. Anything to do or play with my grand babies-7 and counting; the most recent a precious little girl named Isabelle but I shall call her Belle. But without doubt and best of all I love just being with my family and listening to three generations of sweet chatter.

    Finally and circumscribing all is my faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel; His perfect way of succoring us and the tender mercies that flow freely and without reservation. in the midst of my enemies and afflictions He has anointed my head with oil and through suffering and loss he is teaching me the unending power of love. He is the rock without which I could not have endured these past ten years and all the tragedy, death and suffering that has so unrelentingly afflicted my family and myself.

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    English literature with minors in French, family history and religion. Plus a ferocious attempt to finish my PHD but only instead having just begun neing temporarily interrupted by 9 Stents, 25+ hospitalizations, 25 surgeries/angioplasties, HB, Diabetes, a wacko pituitary and by association Hashimoto's disease(thyroid) still uncontrolled, adrenals have become superfluous, permanent back injury(since I was 23) with the nerve damage in my right leg worsening-only a slight reflex extant and the L4 is deteriorating, slammed against the L5 causing the beginnings of loss feeling in hands and feet, and the piece de resistance: severe Fibromyalgia/CF requiring(yes you behaviorists requiring!) 3 narcotics (along with 21 other drugs) -one used as needed/break through pain which even with these I get sleep disturbing pain at night which wakes me up- usually it's a nasty neuralgia which moves around and makes want to crawl out of my skin. And I sleep intermittently 14-18 hours a day. Finally a BIG surprise I have depression and anxiety. Now some would say this is NOT my bio but is sure as hell feels like it sometimes.
  1. Chaz


    I am probably a day late and a dollar short here but I have received a few of Gordon's letters in the past 2 or 3 months. So maybe he is mending well? Does anyone know more? I really like Gordon and have missed his letters- they make a great nostalgic keepsake.[/color] Gee the board has gotten fancy shmancy!! And I am certain who is responsible! It is good to be back. I have missed ya'll!
  2. WOW! Denise I am so sorry you are having such trouble. You are certainly in my prayers-they.re powerful! I am curious why they changed their minds and put in the pacemaker. The docs decided against putting in a morphine pump because of possible blood clots. Did they change your meds to lessen the possibility of clots? I have been away a long time so it is great to send my prayers your way. I have been really sick but I won't go into it here. This space is for you. God bless- Chaz
  3. Hello George and welcome here! I am an old timer started posting here 5 or 6 years ago. This a very good place. I know of Charles University's reputation. We think anything older than 100 here in the states is old! But having been to the oldest pub in Ireland( circa. 957 AD) I bow to an area of the world where Tesla and other great scientists have hailed from! I have 12 stents and 30 surgeries and over 45 hospitalizations in the last 7 years. Go go on your trip and don't have a worry in your head!!! My cardiologist is one of the best interventionists in the country- he teaches cardiologist
  4. Well after 12 stents(both kind) and 7 years of with 30 surgeries(angios) I does not seem that the drug eluding stents do any better. My cardio is also a researcher and he said that about a year after the drug coated stents were being used that studies showed no better results. In fact I seem to remember that the morbidity was even a little higher in the later. The diagonal is that tough one to get at with a stent. I was on the table for 4 hours when my doc finally got it in there. So I'd want a second opinion. I would thinkg stents should at least be talked about. Thus us the sage a
  5. Sorry I am such a sloth in not posting here since last June!!!! I have been hospitalized twice and had another nasty stress test and the last time I had another Angio- #30 guys!! In betweeen and all together and al around I have been also really beaten up by the Fybro-sleeping 24 hours sometimes- I didn't think that was even possible. I was in the resort just a couple of weeks ago and I had another doctor from my group of caridios. He feels I have had enough(7 yrs. de ya think!?!?!) and said I needed to consider a transplant(my heart not the brain!!! those of you who might be wondering!
  6. The bus system is great and we even have light-rail. BUTTTT you have to be able to walk. And with that the ER would need to put in a revolving door for me each time I walked. IF I can get my moto chair working Then I could be a little more mobile. All the buses have chair lifts and so does the light-rail. I think I need to get that fixed! BTW holiday news- I finally put down my Christmas tree!! Oh do I need a maid!?!?!? You know- petite, small,white, lacy apron over a short black dress and a lovely, almost a whisper of a French accent spoken oh so softly.I don't care if she can call the h
  7. Chaz


    Well it wasn't the ICU this time but it was just as fun. The gave me that radioactive stress test and the after affects about killed me- like having an MI. And until that stuff gets out of my body it really makes me sick and-what else?- my fibro kicks in to high gear!! Big news was nothing has changed- my left side is still slowly closing up and there is not anything they can do except for meds until I start having congestive heart failure. That could be when the count down begins for a new heart and that's when I need to decide I want to sign a DNR and let nature takes it's course. But oh
  8. Hey I got an email from HB linked to this discussion. I have a 93 year old aunt that still drives!!!! And she lives in Illinois( DONOT say the S !)- there, I am glad I got that out of my system. In Utah we have some oversite. There is a form that my 2 docs have to sign yearly. But I never know it because SWMBO kept throwing out my mail! Nice huh?!?! So I was pulled over recently and found out that my DL is suspended because I haven't been sending in these forms!. That earned me a nice fat fine and I could have had my car impounded. But I told the young officer my story and he let me off on
  9. hey gang I am sorry to be so pocky(sp?) but I have just been in emotional and physical overload from all that has happened. Yes I am home- came home on June first. And Irneo you have a good memory- this is the final crap I have had to put up with. Disregard the fact that I believed I was not violating any protective order- hell she wasn't even home either time. the city court judge gave me the 60 days for driving past my house!!!!! And the Utah District court judge( a higher court) gave me 0 yes 0 say it again 0 time in jail!!!! If there was any good feelings left in me for Rhonda they ha
  10. Hey Gang I have not left you!!! no no never!!! But I have bween in the hospital, aqcute care wing of the Salt Lake County JAIL!!! My wife filed a complaint last year regarding a violation of her almost 7 year old protective order that MY lawyer said only lasted a year. So much for Liars uh lawyers!! I had 2 MI's while there and was in the ICU of a real hospital for 2 days. I just ggot out yesterday. Hey I had my own room, food was served to me in my room( through a hole in a very BIG metal door and my mds were brought to me by a nurse 4 times a day. O h yes- the protective order v
  11. Chaz

    TT's husband Tim

    Oh TT I am so very sorry for all that has been going on. Just one of those events seems enough! My loving sympathy and prayers go out to your and your husband and family. There is a great book written by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross on grief and grieving- maybe you have heard of it. She devoted her like as a psychologist to the study of death and and grieving. Her immense contribution has become the gold standard for many to follow and psuh forward to even greater meaning. I hope you and your husband will give yourself that time. Ya I know I have been away again. Your rainstorms and flooding hav
  12. Chaz

    need advice

    (Hey Guys!!! Who is this joker that keeps leaving these non sequiter postings of considerable length?? The first one was rather interesting but this one behind me is a LEETLE strange. Oh well I guess he/she is n the right place IF they really are strange!!! ) Welcome Lacey you are in a very good place but please remember we are not doctors. We are a very serious around here and joking is not permitted except between 2am and 4am GMT!!! So beware: you have entered the tachy zone. From my own experience I get what they call arrythmias which will last for a few minutes at best and may r
  13. AWWWWW he is a Keeper Patoola!!! But a great grandson!!?!?! What(!) are you 110?!?!?! geez you hold your age well!!! AWWHHH just kidding- I'd say 99 tops! BIG congratulations!!![/color][/size][/font]
  14. Chaz


    Thanks everyone! I am actually feeling better! Don't know what did it but I am HAPPY! My DIL is having it pretty rough. My Son couldn't get to her until Sunday although they talked of course. She had to have a D&C- at least I think that's what ti was. She was hemorrhaging because the placenta tore away or maybe it was the umbilical cord ripped away- ya that was it. So the baby had no chance. She was still in the hospital as of Sunday. Pretty rough- she went through a complete delivery. But she is mending now and her husband is with her- makes a good time for some deeper bonding and th
  15. Chaz


    Boy the weather outside is howling!!! Number 28 and counting..... spent Thanksgiving until Sat in the ICU. An angiogram was done- just more blockage that can't be fixed!!! At least the new ICU is much nicer- we could have all fit into my room- FULL size!!! AND I had a wide screen TV with mostly good food. They had me on a heparin drip most of the time. I think that may have been what helped. I am feeling better but I am still grumpy, achy and sore in the groin- OH JOY!!!! My pretrial court date keeps getting put off- gotta be well enough to go!!! The good news is my attorney said
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