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  1. I might be bring up the tail end but I'm still wishing you the very best of Birthdays Jan!! Milk it for all it's worth!! I know you deserve the BEST! Catherine
  2. Glad to know you've got a wonderful caretaker and that your doing well. Like Denise said, you'll just have to watch the foods that are high in fat, which we all should anyways! Sit back and read a good novel or something you haven't had time to get around to doing. Catherine
  3. Thank you all for showing such an interest. When and if you ever check mine out, you will see people that are into energy work/ quantum physics... so there are people that you and I might consider think "outside of the box" type people. But it is fun to click onto these "friends" and learn some interesting things. It's another way for me to learn and for my curious clients to log on and to learn with me. All the thanks to my hubby - he's the one that put it all together and pretty much runs it for me. My website I think will be pretty much put together by this weekend..although always will be a work in progress because I'll be sharing some informative articles that I find and want to share in concern with our health, not always in dealing with "energy" or prayer. That one is being put together by my oldest, Michael and his new endevour of making websites. Thanks again for all the positive encouragement! Catherine ***
  4. Catherine

    NOT Coping

    Goodness Chaz ~ I'm sure your wondering how much can this body take? If it brings any peace of mind for you, even if it looks like your hell is here on earth, you have people that do care about you and you know that when your day does come, you'll have nothing but peace and love. But that ex of yours.. not to pass judgement, but it sounds like her hell is not only here on earth (that much hatred in the heart has effected her soul, surely) but she'll have eternity to deal with it. How sad for her to not be able to grow. Glad you made it through though ... ***
  5. Watching the News and just heard George died of a Heart Attack at the age of 71.!
  6. Catherine

    Kevin Peno

    What Fun!! Thank you so much Kevin for helping Jerry upgrade Heartboard.com!! Let us know if we can be of any help to you in anyway! Catherine
  7. Hello my sweetheart! I am leaving you your 1st comment on your profile page. Love Forever!

  8. Certainly could be any of the meds or supplements, I believe it's Niacin that can make people itch like crazy. I know a good BComplex is good for the nerves as well as Lysine, if you think it's more nerve related. Try getting a really good totally organic lotion ... I like using just organic coconut oil as a lotion on my skin - it's the only oil that doesn't change it's molecule when it gets heated. The organic kind doesn't smell like coconut, so you won't smell like you've been at the beach. I have thick dry hair, so I even use it in my hair to give it a great shine. Keep us posted if you ever find the culprit! ***
  9. Happy Birthday - NoMercy aka Scotty... my son, by the way... he's not 23..he's 21 today!! The world is yours for the taking honey ... have love and compassion in your heart as always and nothing can stop you!! I Love You!! ~ Mom ***
  10. That is hilarious Shaka! I heard about the "Nutcracker" on the news but hadn't seen it. Even if one isn't for her, that would be a great keepsake to have that represents this political arena.
  11. No words to say how awful this ordeal must be for you. Like Ricky says, vent all you want. I've worked with a few people with the fibromyalgia doing the Quantum Biofeedback and have had wonderful sucess with them being able to deal with their pain. You might ask your Dr. about it.. or not.. people take alternative treatments into their own hands sometimes, just because most Drs. don't know about them. Let me know if you'd like more info on it. In the mean time.. take many many deep belly breaths, get that oxygen deep down into your body and I'll put you back on my prayer list!
  12. Why Thank You Ladies! Your right ... the years are slipping by mighty fast! Hard to believe I'm 55...how come I still feel like I'm 28? Too bad I don't look it! Oh well.... I'm having fun all the same. Today will be like most other days, however, I think all the kids will be coming over for our pizza night tomorrow night and then Jer is taking me to a concert at the House of Blues on Sat., so I'll make sure I get a good restrauant in there as well. Thanks again! You are all very special people in our lives and I thank you for that! Catherine ***
  13. That does look pretty good, but I wonder if it was put together by the Dairy industry? I wouldn't do the milk, and the oatmeal shouldn't be the Quaker Oats...you should get the Steel Cut brands... it has more fiber. Thanks for posting that Kalip - and good for Mayo Clinic for putting something together that makes sense! I remember when the dietician came to Jerry before they released him from the hostipal... what a joke! She came across like she knew less than I do. Saying stuff like he didn't need to change his eating habits (which was no veggies nor fruits) and to eat as much steak as he wanted - yikes! Thank goodness he didn't listen to her and has made healthier choices now. Denise - just make sure the salt your taking in, is the Sea Salt . It's full of nutrients! Don't forget that our bodies do need salt, the right kind (sea salt). We are electrical, our bodies are like the ocean and we need that salt to keep us balanced. I've got a great article (if I can find it) that explains it much better than I can. I'll have to find it and post it for you to read.
  14. Hi Illura ~ Thank you for the compliment - we look forward to getting to know you, please check in from time to time. Catherine
  15. Well .. Happy Birthday Ricky! Day late dollar short as usual..sorry about that. But it sounds like it was a wonderful time had by all! Nothing like German Chocolate Cake to top things off - it's one of my favorites!
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