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    Hi! Im 47 years old. I have a history of coronary spasms which my cardiologist has said more than likely had been caused from extreme stress. I was taking a number of medications. The Lord Jesus healed me in July 2003 and after about a month was weaned off all medications but cholesterol medication. tt I am 57 years old now. I am doing pretty good. 2013 had been a rough year for my family. Ready for a better year this year!

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  1. My grandson has MSUD and has seizures. She is hoping for legalization of marijuana to help him. He is 19 now and still has seizures and sometimes goes into status seizures. He has had a difficult life in and out of hospitals.
  2. Hi Ricky!! Hi Denise!! Hi Jan!! Hi Kalip! Hi Jerry!! Hi Gordon! Hi Tony! Hi Everyone!! I, having a little trouble replying to particular post. I have forgotten how to do this. Bear with me!! lol
  3. I am doing pretty good. Thanks so much! I didn't know if anyone would remember me. lol How are you doing?
  4. Hi all! This is TT. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! It has been a long time.
  5. ttmag

    TT's husband Tim

    Thank you guys. Deb still is hanging in there trying to wait it out. I will let you guy know when I find out anything.
  6. ttmag


    THanks Jerry. I sent him an email and didnt get an answer back. I am praying for both him and Michelle. It has to be rough on both of them. TT
  7. ttmag

    TT's husband Tim

    I am really cocerned about my sister Debbie. SHe has had some kind of autoimmune disease for years,she has mitrial valve prolapse, and also has fibromyalgia. She has pushed herself to go on and really works hard. For a good while now,Deb has been swelling in her legs and also has a cough(the one like I had when I had the coronary spasms). Last week,she coughed all the time. This week that has let up greatly but she is still swelling in the legs. She has terrible insurance and she is trying to wait until January because she is thinking that she might be facing a lot of bills.(Her dedudibl
  8. I don't get in here very much but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all I have missed!!
  9. Vicki, Congratulations to your daughter for getting a full scholarship! That is wonderful!! Maggie is in her second year of college. She is going to be taking a big load this next time. The advisor told her she should cut her hours at work then. She just got a new job. I am blessed to still have both parents. Daddy has been suffering a lot with his back. Mom is still recovery from the heart surgery. SHe has been pretty disappointed that she cannot do the things she did before. SHe has gotten better for sure. She does have problems with her memory now that she didn't have bef
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