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    I'm pretty busy volunteering in a hospital, a school, and still work part time

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    Married 49 years, 90% retired. I volunteer at a CVCU wing of a hospital. I've got eight stents, had three heart attacks, but still standing and exercising every day. I've lost sixty pounds over a ten year period, something I'm proud of!

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  1. Once again I have been hoisted upon my own pilchard as I try and keep my drug expenses to a minimum. I believe Coreg has saved my life, or at least allowed me to live a more comfortable life. My Ejection Faction was in the 30% range when I started it, and that ratio increased to over 50% when I started taking it. I could exercise again, and my heart health improved. When I learned that the CAD drug Coreg was available in generic form called Carvedilol, I jumped on it. My Co-pay for Coreg is only $35.00 I believe, but the costs add up for all my CAD drugs and I fall into the Medica
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