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    I'm pretty busy volunteering in a hospital, a school, and still work part time

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    Married 49 years, 90% retired. I volunteer at a CVCU wing of a hospital. I've got eight stents, had three heart attacks, but still standing and exercising every day. I've lost sixty pounds over a ten year period, something I'm proud of!

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  1. Thank you, gschmitt and Kalip. I was tested for gluten intolerance and it came back negative, but of course being diabetic I eat little bread, and know the Paleo diet well. A grandchild is an exercise/nutritionist, my sister in law is a naturopath, and over the last 15 years I've educated myself regarding diet. I was able to control my diabetes and cholesterol levels very well with diet and exercise for years. My ldl's were below 75, my hdl's were consistently over 55, and my AC1 was 5.4. HOWEVER, after my bypasses plugged and I couldn't exercise, meds couldn't keep up with the increase
  2. A positive follow up to my post, hoping it helps someone... I had the high risk procedure, a new twist to the existing stenting norm. Much larger probes, terminal equipment to remove clots and deliver stents with a very large entry port was employed. Not only was it possible to deliver three new stents in two arteries, but my RCA was relocated/straightened to prevent perculation of the blood, decreasing the chance of blood clots. It is an amazing procedure, and I'm fortunate that the recently approved procedure was available. I now wear eleven stents, have a pacer, a failed bypass p
  3. I haven't posted here in a long time, but have a topic that I thought might help others who have had bypass surgery. It's a scary tale, and in no way I want to discourage others from having the procedure but thought I'd give a heads up to know if the surgery is failing. I have had eight stents, several heart attacks, a pacemaker, and in 2011 two new blockages appeared. The blockage in the Lad was only 70% but the one in the RCA was 80% and I was very symptomatic. My Cardiologist tried to put a stent in the LAD, but the blockage was in the Ostial position, e.g., at the wye of the 1st Dia
  4. Gavin, I'm reading between the lines of your post, but I wonder if you are suffering from sleep apnea. I've not had the problem, but have lost two friends to this problem. Gasping for air after waking up is a huge suggestion of this condition. I'd strongly suggest you ask for a sleep study.
  5. Jan, be assured your tofu diet didn't generate the kidney stones, they take many years to develop and form into little uninary bombs. I'll be watching what the Ultrasound shows. Believe me, you will prefer a tofu diet to the liquid that you will not enjoy before the scan. In my opinion, the scare over PPI's and diet is very overstated. When you read the research, only 4% of the people tested experienced show problems with Nexium. I trust all is well in the Great Canadian Vancouver Island area.
  6. Protests, as long as they are peaceful in my opinion are as American as apple pie, and go back to the formation of our country. Shortly after the American Revolution, there was a lot of protests and various opinions. John (and Abigail) Adams were greatly angered by criticism of John's Presidency and this led to passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts, where critics could be jailed, deported, etc. The Alien and Sedition acts were rescinded, which set the precedent of patience with orderly discord. Thomas Jefferson was a champion of all-out revolution, I'm glad his opinions became more temper
  7. Rose-Tu, an elephant at the Portland, Oregon zoo is pregnant. For whatever reason, the Portland, Oregon zoo has facilities to make elephant he'in and she'in possible. It will be good for the zoo and the city and for elephants who have a wonderful life at the Portland zoo. That's nice news on a day where the danger of private zoos was exposed.
  8. It is a cause of a belly laugh from me, seeing these protests. I think it is a natural bounce from the extreme left to the excesses of the extreme right (Tea Party). Both groups don't represent me in the least, or I think most US citizens. You expressed it very well, noexcuse. Your post speaks of reason, and reason isn't something that we have seen in Washington lately.
  9. Gord, I don't think you understand what a difficult journey you have began, and suggest you reconsider. I was obese, diabetic, had heart issues as well as serious GERD issues. You have no idea how difficult it is to fast until you go through the process. I had to fast after a bowel obstruction surgery, then later I went through a fast of sorts after a Nissen Fundoplication procedure that was a result of the intense vomiting from the bowel obstruction, I won't go into detail. My dietary interuptions are considered a reason why I had to have a pacemaker inserted, and eventually a bypass
  10. S & P downgraded the US government, in my opinion, because the executive and legislative leaders couldn't control a few rogue third party candidates that didn't understand we have to pay our bills. We got a wedgie, but the world, not just USA citizens, flocked to buy the bonds that were just devalued. It proved that that the United States remains far more powerful than a stinkin' financial group. I throttled up my investment percentage today, I'm very encouraged. It's going to be rocky for awhile until Europe gets there credit problems resolved, and I think a lot depends on the grou
  11. You nailed it. We have to pay our bills, we have to limit spending, what's so complicated about that? The Tea Party in my opinion aren't very convincing, just screamers. Tea Party founders Judson Philips and Jenny Martin are very vocal, advising us about debt. Excuse me, they both have bankruptcies... They aren't very believeable in my humble opinion. In my case, I've pulled very few paychecks, I've been a private contractor most of my life, and had to meet payroll during some hard times. I rather expect the government to protect the money I paid in to my social security and medicar
  12. My children, grandchildren and cousins gathered to wish me best wishes as I hit the 70 year old mark. I dressed in black Jeans, black tee shirt for the occasion, but my wife ordered me into closet and she dressed me in bright colors. I was ready to put a battery in between my fillings simply to get in a better mood, but she convinced me turning 70 is a nice accomplishment. I had a wonderful day. I was honored by my children, grandchildren, brother and sister and cousins. Thanks so much.
  13. I think I remember some expressions about cold as well, something about the temperature of the colon of a well digger. You are right, so many of the expressions can't be posted. After my bypass surgery, I was sort of selective of friends and family who could visit. I may be alone on this, but after surgery, I was tired, and found friends and family who felt it necessary to visit a long time became tiresome. Those who quotes scripture became more than tiresome. I gave my daughter a list of family who I would like to see, but needed to make their visits short, and labeled them what my u
  14. We just need to keep petting frogs. Do you notice when petting frogs, how smooth they feel? Frog hais mighty fine. I think we are losing the great expressions our grandparents taught us. I was told about frog hair, as well was being busier than a one legged man in butt kicking contest. My grandmother was full of expressions, I lived with her during WW2 as a child, and once when I didn't do my chores, which involved bringing water to the stock in the barn from the well, I was told I was as 'worthless as a @@@@ on a boar'. It took an explanation but I understand the concept, and I pick
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