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  1. This is something everyone should do. I started in the 1970s when I was a Hippie as did my wife. We don't do this every day but will set aside a few times a week.
  2. Last week I had my followup with my cardiologist. The one I have now I was assigned to at the time of my stress test that I failed. The bypass lasted me a good 13 years before needing work and this time all I needed were two new stents, one of those went inside the first stent. At my visit last week my new cardiologist told me a few things and confirmed one thing my EP told me. History here is I the old cardiologist retired and the old EP was forced out of the local practice. What I was told was according to my records and testing I never needed an ICD and I have never had heart failure of which both were very good news. It seems the two other docs got together to treat heart failure and install an ICD. I was very happy to have the new EP when the ICD was extracted. The retired cardio had done 12 extractions with six of the patients bleeding and three of those dying. My new EP had done 25 extractions before mine and never had a problem. Do your homework on your doctors.
  3. In my very active years up through the 1980s I learned early the importance of slow warm ups. This is advice well taken.
  4. There is a show on Net Flix called "Food Matters" that I would advise anyone to watch. It covers several health topics, modern medicine and food we eat. I'm going to watch this show a few times as I liked it so much.
  5. There should be programs to get more humans as organ donors as stated above. I can't agree with this kind of research but it looks like there is no holding it back.
  6. Just before my bypass I was told I had had at least two hear attacks and one of them major. I never felt a thing.
  7. Not taking the chance we never use plastics in the microwave. Ours is mainly for reheating coffee as we don't like the way food will usually taste when heated in the microwave.
  8. When working in EMS I saw several times of women having heart problems that were initially passed over as something else when we got the patient to a hospital. The symptoms just didn't fit the books. At times we were told we had been overly cautious with our pre-hospital treatments but we always preferred to err on the side of caution and that often proved beneficial to the patient.
  9. A cure for diabetes, and cancer as well, would be the greatest medical discovery in a long time. While it would save countless lives at the same time it would partially wreck the American economy due to no longer needed the research and diabetes medical professions now available. Just think we would no longer need the American Diabetes Assoc., diabetes clinics and support staffs nor the medication the drug companies make or the workers of those parts of the companies. Not only would some companies and businesses have to shutter but thousands of people would have to try and find new jobs. Also no longer needed would be the charities with their high paid CEOs. As for me, I'm all for the cure and let the economy cure itself.
  10. My cardiologist sent me back to Silver Sneakers within two weeks of two new stents but he also told me to never shovel snow again.
  11. Below is one of the reasons we have avoided soy products for the past 15 years. For us it's just not worth the risk. FDA Poisonous Plant Database FDA Home FDA Poisonous Plant Database - AUTHOR(S): Honig, D. H.; Hockridge, M. E.; Gould, R. M.; Rackis, J. J.TITLE: Determination of cyanide in soybeans and soybean products. YEAR: 1983 CITATION: J Agric Food Chem, 31(2), 272-275 [English] FDA #: F04171
  12. I've know for a long time that soy products can be bad for health. The following article can be found on Realpharmacy.com. You can also check the references for the article as some information is from the USFDA. http://www.realfarmacy.com/reasons-avoid-soy-milk/
  13. Ice water is a good helper if you can tolerate cold water. It takes your body 1200 calories to warm a quart of ice water to body temperature.
  14. I like the ingredients except for the wheat products. I'll have to change that to avoid wheat for my wife.
  15. I left the hospital with two new stents and was home Christmas Eve. The consulting doc agreed with the cath lab doc that stents would be fine and no bypass needed at this time. The super heavy dose of Prednisone did it's job and I got through the procedure without problems. One of the stents was put in the old stent that had closed and another new one was installed. There was a place on the backside where the heart attack happened that could have used a stent but the doc didn't think that part was viable. I am 12 years out of bypass surgery so I must be doing something right though it wouldn't hurt for me to tighten up a bit more. I'm doing well outside of the soreness and will get back to the doc in a few days for followup. I'm really wanting to get back to Silver Sneakers and the rehab nurse said that would be fine rather than going to rehab. Good for me too since Humana pays for the YMCA membership. As soon as the Christmas tree comes down the tredmill comes out of the corner again so that will be getting use also. I want to thank my friends on the board here for their kind thoughts and prayers.
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