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    I am a 56 year old male and I have a number of ailments including CHF, Hypertension and Psoriasis. I am obese weighing 275 lbs. My condition now has me out of breath and needing to rest after very little movement. I have tried diets but can't seem to follow through for any length of time so I am about to start a water fast to improve my health. I invite you to follow my progress at www.gordons-water-fast.com
  1. The fast is over. I ended my fast Monday morn so I went 35 days. Probably one of the easiest things I have ever done. Total weight loss was 45 lbs but more importantly my blood pressure is completely normal and my heart is far far stronger than it was at the start. I haven’t had any new lesions/scale production in three weeks now so it looks like my psoriasis is disappearing as well. I am walking 2 to 3 miles a day and jogging for five minutes at a time. This is the best thing I have ever done and now look forward to tomorrow, next year and the coming decades. This is something I personal
  2. Day 33 of my water fast. Sept. 30,2011 My blood pressure today is 126/76 so I am very happy with that and my weight has finally dropped below 230 at 228.2. Weight loss has slowed dramatically which I expected but I was hopeful I could try and keep it close to a pound a day. That is not going to happen so I will take whatever I can get and after all, this is about my heart and I am ecstatic about the change on that front. Still thinking about ending my fast on Sunday which would be 5 weeks but I keep swinging back and forth on that. I feel so good I just may go one more week but no more
  3. Day 30 of my water fast. Sept. 27,2011 I apologize for taking so long to post an update. I have been very busy. Still going strong and my blood pressure is now down to 120/73 so I am very happy with that. In addition, my psoriasis in now completely gone. One might say this is a cure but it is not. Psoriasis is a symptom of leaky gut syndrome. All I did was shut down the lower digestive track so my body could heal and repair. Now many will say that it will come back as soon as I start eating again but I will keep posting even after the fast. I may end the fast on October 2, 2011 which woul
  4. I’ve made it to day 23 with no problems, issues, pain, sickness etc. I feel great and getting stronger everyday which one would think should be just the opposite. I will explain at a later date. I would like to point out why I am doing a fast as opposed to a diet. The first reason has to do with the digestive system itself. When on a fast it is essentially shut down which allows for it to heal. Diets can never accomplish that healing. One of my health conditions is psoriasis which is an auto-immune disease. (Rheumatoid Arthritis is another) This is caused by something called leaky gut synd
  5. Day 18 update. A few things to report today. First, I am feeling great and am getting stronger every day. I can now tie my shoes without grunting and moaning and walk up two flights of stairs with no difficulty. My psoriasis is healing nicely with scale production almost stopped now and overall my skin feels softer. I started going for morning walks a week ago and I am now cranking it up to mornings and evenings. Each walk is about a mile. I feel great, my heart is getting stronger and stronger, I don’t get winded very often anymore. Of course I have my weak spells but they tend to pas
  6. Hi Everyone, Well today is day 15 of my water fast and for some reason I have more energy now. I went for about a mile walk yesterday and this morning and I was tired after the walks but quickly recovered. I feel great, no aches, no pains, but I am seeing the positive improvements I have been expecting start now. My gout is completely gone, no pain at all and my edema is completely gone and in fact my ankles look spindly and weird. In addition, my psoriasis is improving. I am going to wait another week and then I will be posting new pics on my blog. The difference in my ankles and the psor
  7. Day 12 of my water fast. Just cruising along now. No urge for food and drinking a lot of water. As far as how I feel I do have very low energy and need to rest throughout the day. My mouth is always very dry and my breath is horrendous. (Can it be worse than it normally is?) My Psoriasis is improving and the biggest improvement is on my hands which is the last place I developed the disease so it should be the first area to improve. My blood pressure dropped a bit again and today I don’t seem to be as winded as in the past. I found a great little book on the topic of water fasting. It is
  8. It's Thursday evening and we just got invited up to a friends cottage. Heading out early in morn so I won't be posting till I get back Sunday so I should have some good stats by then. Going to be a tough couple of days watching others drink and eat. Gord
  9. Day 3 of my fast. I got off to a good start and have felt really good so far. First I want to thank all those that are sending me good wishes, suggestions, and comments. I really appreciate it. I haven’t noticed any lose of energy yet but I expect to get more tired through the day as time goes on. Last night I slept longer than I have for quite some time. I usually only sleep about 4 hrs a night but last night it was around 6 so I felt much better when I got up. It would be great to get that up to 7 hrs ! Having said that, I do expect to go through nights when I can’t sleep. Si
  10. It has been a hectic day today as most Mondays are. Perhaps I should have started tomorrow. My last meal was 2 apples for dinner last night. Been drinking a lot of water today and have been busy enough so that my mind is not on eating. Anyway, did my video, took my starting pics. ( You really don't know what you look like until you see pics of yourself...I didn't like what I saw!!) I took my starting stats which were not good as my BP is a bit higher than it usually is but it should come down in a few days. Beginning stats August 29, 2011 BMI (Body Mass Index)- 38.9 BIA (Bioelectrical
  11. Hi Denise, Thanks for your comments. I am only eating raw fruits and vegetables till I start on Monday. Once I start, no vitamins or minerals, just water that has a lot of minerals in it. I would not do this with any water that was devoid of minerals as I am aware of the electrolyte issue. I saw my doctor Tues. and he sent me to get my blood work, urine and ekg done yesterday. I will be posting starting stats Monday and hope to post every other day. Because of my condition I have my own BP monitor and usually i take my BP every few days. During the fast I will be checking it every day.
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and this is my first post...I've also got my profile almost done. I am a 56 year old male with a number of ailments such as High Blood Pressure, Congestive Heart Failure, Gout, Psoriasis, Edema and a few others. I am also overweight at 272 lbs. I have had health issues in some form for as long as I can remember starting with severe allergies in my early teens. I was raised on a farm and was exposed to a lot of chemicals. Not sure if that had anything to do with my health but food for thought. I am about to start a water fast next week to try an
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