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    22 year old Certified Veterinary Technician with a healthy lifestyle, bright outlook on life, and a heart that doesn't behave in public.
  1. I'm definitely going to try to eliminate my soda intake but I work long and late hours and often need caffeine to keep me on my toes. I admit that in the past I used to drink upwards of 6 cans of Pepsi a day but like I said, I've since followed my cardio's recommendations and now have an average of 0-3 cans a day (with 3 being rare and 0-1 being the norm). Another concern I have is that my uncle (my mom's brother) and his daughter/my cousin (who is younger than me by at least 3 years, not exactly sure of her age) have both been diagnosed with congenital Long QT Syndrome. And looking over some of my old event monitor readings from 2008, I had at least one episode of polymorphic wide complex tachycardia. From everything I've read about these two conditions, I'm at a substantially increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest. Maybe I'm worrying too much or self-diagnosing myself but I'm not yet willing to chaulk everything up to too much caffeine or stress. I'm really looking forward to my cardio/ep appointment next week and hopefully getting some answers. ~Rio
  2. took a wrong turn on the internet and is now lost in traffic.

  3. Hello my fellow heart people, I stumbled upon this board yesterday after my ER visit and figured I'd introduce myself and get some advice. I'm a 22 year old female that suffers from PVCs (typically 1-2 episodes per week, lasting <30 seconds). In 2008 I saw a cardiologisy to rule out Marfan Syndrome and at the time he diagnosed Mitral Valve Regurg via echo and arrhythmias via 30 day holter monitoring (arrhythmias included bradycardia when sleeping, sudden sinus tachycardia, runs of multi-focal PVCs, and possibly some other abnormalities). My cardio at the time attributed everything to stress and caffeine (which I agreed with), told me to calm down, switch to decaf and follow up with another echo in 3 years. Since that time I've dealt with the occassional PVC which, while uncomfortable and scary, haven't adversely affected my life. Yesterday during work I experienced an acute episode of PVCs that lasted at least 5 minutes and were the worst I've ever had - it felt like two parts of my heart were fighting each other or like someone had grabbed my heart and was squeezing/choking it around the middle. I wasn't dizzy or lightheaded. I called 911 and the paramedics came. By that time the worst of it had passed but I was still feeling abnormal uncomfortable beats. The paramedics hooked me up to an ECG (I think it was a 5 lead) and didn't see any arrhythmias despite the fact that I knewthey were occurring because I could feel them. At the ER they did a 12 lead and the nurse and paramedic both pointed out PVCs. They did chest rads, blood work, urinalysis, a liter of IV fluids and kept me on a 5 lead ECG for a couple hours while running the tests (again, nothing abnormal on the 5 lead). They also consulted with my cardio clinic and reviewed the records from 2008. Bloodwork was normal - not dehydrated, no electrolyte abnormalities, no anemia, normal troponin levels. The ER doc said everything was fine, it was just heart palpitations and I shouldnt be worried. Then one of the cardiologists that works with my cardiologist came in, said he reviewed my records and based on everything that's happened he advised me to lower my stress and decrease my caffeine intake. Here's where I disagree and think the ER wasnt taking me seriously. While I did have stress, anxiety, and caffeine issues back in 2008, I've since eliminated my anxiety, reached an almost zen-like state of mind, and had only half of a can of Pepsi 5 hours prior to the episode. All the doctors really say is that I'm 22 and shouldn't be having problems, that PVCs in most people are innocent and I'm not at any risk from them. I find all that hard to believe when I'm the healthiest I've ever been and then out of nowhere my heart starts a mutiny and takes over 30 minutes before fully "fixing itself". Has anyone else been this young with these kinds of issues? Should I really just shrug it off like my doctors are doing? I work in emergency veterinary medicine and have more knowledge of heart arrhythmias and stuff than the average consumer. I've made an appointment with a cardiologist next week who is also certified in electrophysiology in the hopes that he'll bring a new perspective on what's going on and maybe be as concerned as I am. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. It's very overwhelming to think that I have to basically start from the beginning and fight to have someone take my heart problems seriously. I imagine I'll be lurking these boards quite a bit from now on. Thanks and all comments are appreciated. ~Rio
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