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  1. I'm only 21 and recently went to see a doctor because I wanted to know why my heart had irregular heartbeats (I heard them in my head). They did an EKG and sent me to a cardiologist. They did a Holter test and then a cardiac stress test, after some questions ten minutes later I was diagnosed with "Cardiomyopathy in infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere (I43.0)" accompanied by "other specified heart irregularity" and "supraventricular and ventricular extrasystoles" and "fits of tachycardia" (I49.8) although I said that I wasn't ill when I was a child. The doctor told me that I might have had hidden tonsillitis and prescribed me Metoprolol. I was told not to gain weight, to be careful with exercise and do a stress test once a year; then I was sent back to my family doctor who decided to check my blood for anemia - I'm currently waiting for the results and making a list of questions I should ask my doctor (any help is appreciated). I'm somewhat worried because as I understand it, cardiomyopathy is a progressive disease, but nobody is telling me the risks and giving me the details I need. I don't want to find out ten years later that I really shouldn't have picked up horseback riding or that beta blockers are bad for your baby (I've been surfing the internet). What I really don't understand is where I43.0 falls on the list of cardiomyopathy types. Is it dilated or something else? Is I43.0 a completely different type? Or is it still unspecified? Should I go to another cardiologist to get another opinion and maybe ask for some more tests? Right now I feel like doctors are not interested in dealing with this and are knowingly withholding information from me, thinking that if I know all the risks I might get stressed. Am I overreacting? *I'm about 5kg overweight and my family has a high risk of hypertension (usually becomes a problem after we gain weight, which is another thing we are prone to). My glucose, cholesterol and magnesium levels are normal. Thank you in advance!
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