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  1. Hi Everyone: It's been awhile since I've posted, I hope things are going well for most of you!!! You know life is never dull for me. My chest pains come and go from time to time, I have nitro but never used it until yesterday, I had horrible right arm pain that came out of nowhere. Things are really busy at work. So in my distress with the pain in my arm I took a nitro and low and behold it calmed down my pain, started again, I took another nitro and basically the pain went away. After arriving home, pain came back, took another nitro and I was fine for the rest of the evening. Is
  2. Dear Patoola: Hope all goes well for you tomorrow!!! Let us know how things go. I'll say a prayer too! All the best to you!!!! xoxoxoMary - aka mm1207
  3. Hi Everyone!!! I haven't really had a chance to reply lately. Oona on my EKG at the hospital it had unconfirmed printed on top. What's that about??? I didn't tell cardio about this as I'm not really suppose to be looking at my chart. It is mine, is it not??? Does this make sense to you????? No I do not take nitro, just complain all the time about CP. Take care all and be well God Bless xoxomm120754 aka mm1207 Mary
  4. Hi Everyone! I think the new imaging device that scans slices of the body is called multislice computer tomgraphy. It sounds promising and the URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7965699. If it lives up to the hype, I'd try it instead of a heart cath anyday. Take care, be well and God Bless xoxoMary (mm1207)
  5. GOOD EVENING EVERYONE Hope all is well with everyone. I want to thank each and everyone of you who responded to my question. Thanks!!!! I also want to clarify that this is Mary mm1207. I had to change my password and also my sign-in name. I had 2 stents put in Aug. 12, 2004. I've been having pain on and off for a while. I was hospitalized 2x and tested after my stents. Pain alleviated for a while and then wham, it's back. I hope my cardio doesn't think I a nut (h e doesn't think -- he knows ha ha) but something just isn't right here. Will keep you informed on my upcoming
  6. Dear Teri: My heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your father to you and your family. I'm shocked about your sad reply to my e-mail of late. May God help you through these trying times. Please take care of yourself and get better. God Bless. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Love Mary mm1207
  7. mm1207

    HIGH LDL????

    HI TERI Hope all is well with you and yours. I appreciate your response and will definitly check out the food nutrition area. Thanks, take care and God Bless! xoxomm1207 Mary
  8. mm1207

    HIGH LDL????

    GOOD MORNING ALL!!! Wow Paul that was so kind of you to post all that valuable information about LDL. It helped alot. I understand much better now that I have several risk factors, genetics, HBP and I think even metabolic syndrome. I quit smoking almost 9 months ago after 34 years and wham #### hit the fan. 2 stents in my RCA because of 75% & 80% blockage. Thanks again. I really appreciate your help here. Hi Stardreamer, I am on Lipitor 40mg. I didn't know that there was so much involved with LDL if my cholesterol level was considered good. My pressure was als
  9. mm1207

    HIGH LDL????

    GOOD EVENING EVERYONE!!!! I just saw my cardio on 2/3/04, he was questioning me about how I felt and what meds I was taking and if I had any more chest pain. Several times I had some discomfort but it always go away. He told me about my recent blood work which was decent. My cholesterol was 170 up 35 points but still considered decent. My LDL is 97 and he told me that was not ideal according to the new guidelines and proceeded to put me on Zetia, 10 mg. What is the new LDL level that they consider ideal??? Anyone know???? I'm curious and kinda upset at having to take another pill. I
  10. Hi Shannonbrown and welcome!!! Sorry about your misdiagnosis and that you had to have an MI before being properly diagnosed with heart disease. I too was misdiagnosed, had numerous non invasive tests, echocardiogram, ekgs, thalium stress test, chest CT, MRA. Everything was normal, a hospital visit diagnosed me with possible GERD. I saw my PCP and Cardio after hospital visit, my EKG was abnormal, finally had an a heart cath 2 wks. later that showed 75% and 80% blockage of my RCA that was angioplasted and stented with 2 medicated stents. I'm grateful that I didn't have an MI, I was luck
  11. Good Evening Everyone!!! I'm letting you know that I finally went to the Doctor on Saturday. My PCP is not available on weekend, so I saw a PA who has helped my in the past. I told him my symptoms and he said that it could of been a pre-migrane. I did not have a headache but the fact that I had visual disturbances reminded him of the aura one gets with migrane. My SOB could be attributed to asthma. If it happens again, we will look into it further. So far, so good. No intermittent chest pain either. I just might e-mail cardio on this. Teri, I hope your feeling better and
  12. HI EVERYONE : I'm feeling alot better since last Friday. I appreciate everyone's concern. Thank you. No I have not called the Doctor. I dread calling and having some more problems. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have the lightheadedness and dizziness again. I ran for the subway today, slightly uphill and was very sob and was a bit uncomfortable. I don't want to stress this. I will keep an eye on things. I appreciate everyone's concern. Thanks. Take care, God Bless and be well!!!! xoxomm1207 Mary
  13. HI EVERYONE: I need some input here regarding dizziness and lightheadedness while briskly walking 24 NYC (12 each way) blocks back and forth to the bank for my office. Since several of my coworkers were not in today, I volunteered to go to the bank for my office. I decided that since it wasn't raining basically for the first time this week, I'd walk to the bank. Everything was fine until I was approximately 2 1/2 blocks away from my job. I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy, I had vision disturbances. Thought I was going to pass out. I slowed down some and things became alot
  14. Dear TERI: Yes my friend Teri it's true - you are the one of the nicest people I know of and I'll tell you again, your stilll my hero, even with everything that you faced in the past, you still had such compassion and kindness in your heart. God Bless and take care of you. We all want you around a reallll longggg timeeee!!! Love, Peace and Happiness always, Hugs & Kisses mm1207 Mary
  15. STAR: I hope that all goes well for you with your cardio tomorrow. Please let us know what's going on with you. God Bless and take care. I'll be praying for you!!!! Nitey nite. xoxomm1207 Mary
  16. Star: I feel for you I really do, knowing all of the problems you have had in the past. It just plain stinks!!! For the love of God please don't be foolish, if you have chest pain, don't wait, take action and get yourself to the ER. Call your cardio, do something please. We all want you around for a very very longgg time. Your in my thoughts and prayers always. God Bless, take care of yourself and be well!!!! xoxoxomm1207 Mary
  17. Dear Macy, Sorry that your going through all this but I'm wishing you the best with your upcoming heart cath. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, that they are able to fix what needs to be fixed and you feel better. Take care, God Bless and please get well!!! xoxomm1207 Mary
  18. HI EVERYONE!!!! Beachjay, I must admit "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Simon & Garfunkel is one of my all time favorites! At this moment while I'm responding here I'm listening to Motown Legends. Wow, it has me feeling pretty happy and has me energizing myself. Great cleaning music too!!! I'm also into classics from the 70's disco, also great cleaning music. Get up and go kinda music. Gee it makes me want to sing. HOORAY!!! Gladys Knight and the Pips is one awesome group, saw her live only once and vow to see her again, she was spectacular, what a voice, Donna Summers, saw he
  19. HI EVERYBODY I'm just sending a note to all of you and your families to wish you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I appreciate that I can come here and discuss what is going on in my head and life. Thank you all for the wonderful and helpful advice. Like I said HAPPY THANKGIVING and I thank God for each and everyone of you. Love, peace and happiness, Take care, be well and God Bless All!!!! xoxomm1207 Mary
  20. mm1207

    Anger comparison

    Wow - how do I answer this???? I was always a pretty hot tempered person, I really try and chill now, however, certain instances can make me blow my top, such as litigation work. I hate it and sometimes I'm called upon to help out. I overwhelmingly complain about it and do the best I can. I think it's certain people in my office that can set me off because of their crappy attitude and lack of patience. I have 2 grandchildren who still set me off pretty easily too. I really pray for patience in both cases. It's hard. I appreciate my life more most times, sometimes I really feel l
  21. mm1207

    Beautiful Story

    WOW MRS. R. That was such a delightful story. It made my heart ache for the homeless gentlemen and my heart soar with happiness because of one human being's kindness. We are all special in our own way. Some of us can handle things that others can't. I've volunteered for homebound people with AIDS, by working with GOD'S LOVE WE DELIVER, preparing meals in their kitchen, participating in AIDS related functions and raising money. It made me feel quite good. I've given homeless people on the street food from luncheons at my office which would of been discarded or taken home by peo
  22. GOOD EVENING ALL!!!! I hate to say it but I really do like winter, I feel alive with vitality and vigor. In the summer I'm pooped and dead from the humidity and heat in NYC. This winter is a little different this year. I'm on Plavix which I can't believe actually makes the damp or cold weather worse for me. I'm usually hot all the time and use a fan most days at work, now I drive myself crazy with hot and cold spells. YUCK!!! Drives me and my co-workers insane. The joy of family togetherness for the holidays is also quite stimulating too. Heck I appreciate what friends I h
  23. Hi Mrs. R.: Thank you for your prompt response to this subject. I really am confused at times about this. I guess I may try and see another cardio for a second opinion. Don't get me wrong, but being big busted does'nt help me either. I think I'll look for a woman cardio. I really appreciate your swift reply. I will keep you all posted. By the way, my next cardio visit will be Thurs., Nov 4. I have many questions still about all this. Take care, God Bless and be well. Mary
  24. Hi Gary: Thanks for your prompt response. I did have a set of enzymes done every 8 hours. The RPA said they were normal. I am a large busted women. My original stress test 1 1/2 years ago - did not show any blockage yet 14 months later, I had a 75 and 80% blockage in the RCA. I thought this was a lengthy process. Yet I had a normal stress test with no need for further testing. I'd like to understand this. Thanks again, take care and God Bless MARY
  25. Hi Everyone!! Hope all is well with everyone. I recently took a stress test, the best I could do with the treadmill was 5 minutes, I didn't have chest pain but shortness of breath got very uncomfortable and I was winded. They claim the results were normal. Was it???? Mrs. R. I believe you said you did 7 minutes to pass the test???? Correct??? Appreciate anyones help here. Thanks, take care and God Bless. Have a good evening everyone. MARY
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