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Good Morning

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Posted 09 May 2008 - 08:27 PM

Oh YUM!!! I suggest we have a three day get together so we can all meet each other - and play rousing German music the whole time and have our steins (though I don't like beer I could learn) and dance what we could and the best part...have Gilbert cook for us!!! Wouldn't THAT be a time?

Gilbert, the energy you and Adele have is outstanding. You are a walking (dancing) statement of what people who have had serious heart difficulties can still accomplish if they take care of themselves. I'd love to see you two dancing - and hats off to your mom! Guess you inherited some of your tenacity from her. I hope she has a great Mother's Day. She's the same age as my mom, who still gets around but I can't see her trying the polka.

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    Meditating, a scholar of the scriptures and English/American Literature combined with critical theory and archetype vis a vis Carl Jung,

    The mountains and all their splendor for the absolute serenity they own and the balancing of my life they freely give. I love hiking especially with may family. altough these are baby step walks now. Anything to do or play with my grand babies-7 and counting; the most recent a precious little girl named Isabelle but I shall call her Belle. But without doubt and best of all I love just being with my family and listening to three generations of sweet chatter.

    Finally and circumscribing all is my faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel; His perfect way of succoring us and the tender mercies that flow freely and without reservation. in the midst of my enemies and afflictions He has anointed my head with oil and through suffering and loss he is teaching me the unending power of love. He is the rock without which I could not have endured these past ten years and all the tragedy, death and suffering that has so unrelentingly afflicted my family and myself.

Posted 10 May 2008 - 05:57 AM

:cheers1: Yavole!!!! Her Gilbert!!! I love apple beer(non alcoholic- ya I know so how do we Mormons get our kicks?!?! A subtle e.g. we almost all have VERY big families! And THAT takes practice!!!) for those who don't drink beer!

Good Morning ALL!! It is almost 5 AM and its time for an Ambien!!! Pain levels have been rough still- I don't get back into my pain specialist until the 23'd and my family doc who is an abject Puritan when it comes to prescribing narcotics but because I have been with him for 17 years he holds his nose and writes the scripts but only for about half of my normal dose. If it weren't for the fact that her gives me my most expensive heart meds for free each month I think I would divorce him right here and now!!! BUT when I get back to my specialist I want some of those happy time suckers again!!!

My son's story is still ongoing and still too hard to talk about but I will highlight it some day. There sure is enough pain to go around and I hate seeing my kids hurt and he HURT!!! Heard of the DT's? I will say there is something wrong with a society that can fork out billions on the black market for "illegal" drugs but then turns around and makes you go through hell to get the needed treatment and there are blood suckers on that side of the table as well!! :eek2:

NITE zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Posted 10 May 2008 - 01:59 PM

I am having a great day and thought I would brag a moment about my daughter whom ran this last week in the Disney World 15 Kilometer Around the World Run. The official scorecard read's
150th place
LINDSAY SCHIAVI-ARROYO--AKA Lsayglitter for Heartboard Official Time :omg: 1:51:17 WINTER PARK, FL

Good Job dear, Dad-D-O is very proud of you :horray: . :common076[1]:

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Posted 11 May 2008 - 11:51 AM

Wow, Lindsey, you rock girl!!! :) And you have every reason to be proud Jerry! Love your Dad-D-O too! How clever! :wub:

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Posted 12 May 2008 - 09:08 AM

Way to run Lindsey. Yeah, Chaz, keep that doc for a while and keep talking to him about increasing the dosage of your meds you need.

Both of us are taking the day off to recover from the weekend which we started Friday night at the Germania. Mom went with us so I got in a couple dances with her too. It was a good dance work out and though probably just water weight I lost four pounds.

Saturday morning we went to Indy for pole day. That's when all the cars can challenge for the top ten positions in the race. There were lots of pole day activities but sadly no pole dances. We met three of Adele's sisters and their husbands there and had a very good time and I even got a bit of sunburn on my arms and face.

We started the day sitting in the infield stands behind the pits and directly behind Dianica Patrick's pit. She is going to be my favorite this year and she put up a good fight for the middle of the second row she got while we were there. Adele and I got there about one Indy time so we missed some of the qualifications but saw a lot of practice laps. While we were there Dianica turned out the fastest times we saw. On one three lap practice she did 227 on each lap and her best lap then was 227.4. Pretty good for a woman who just weighs 98 pounds. We later moved across the track for a different and better view. In the four hours we were there five cars were presented for pole qualification and only one of those made a bump. The practice laps were fun to watch when there were six or eight cars out at a time.

If you want to see the whole race around the 2 1/2 mile oval then watch it on TV. From sitting anywhere at the track you'll just see about 15 seconds of each lap. A good time and nice experience but it's now a been there done that type of thing and I'll be cheering for Dianica on race day.

We fought 60 mph winds coming home yesterday afternoon for four hours while on the road so I'm tired today and will be doing about nothing. On the stretch of I-74 we take for 30 miles we got blown across the center line a couple of times with the winds coming from the north while we were heading West. On US 63 and 41 we were heading South so it was a tail wind mostly and that helped some.

Adele's still asleep today so I'm being quiet. She and her sisters were up talking until four Sunday morning as they usually do when they get together. I'll nap later today for a couple hours.
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