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      24 May

    Michael Edens was my father. I am on a mission to learn more about what he was like as a person, since he died when I was 8. Please share any info, thanks!

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Heart Made in Space

General Discussion Yesterday, 09:52 AM
Why your new heart could be made in space one day   Imagine a laboratory growing human hearts - and imagine that laboratory floating in space hundreds of miles above the surface of the Earth.   That may sound like science fiction, but bizarre as it seems, it could bring new hope for tra...
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Vegan Jambalaya

Heart Healthy Recipes 20 Jan 2019
Simple Vegan Jambalaya   This simple vegan jambalaya is a super tasty, satisfying and nutritious dish. It’s a delicious dinner recipe, which is also oil-free and very low in fat.   Ingredients 1/2 onion, we used red onion 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 red bell pepper 1/2 green bell pep...
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Cold Medicines Impact Heart.

Heart News and Updates 20 Jan 2019
AHA: Taking Medicine for a Cold? Be Mindful of Your Heart   Flu has so far infected more than 6 million Americans this season, and winter colds are making their rounds. If you've been hit by either, you may be thinking about heading to your local pharmacy to relieve your aches, pains and co...
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Antibiotics Overprescribed

General Discussion 20 Jan 2019
1 in 4 Antibiotic Prescriptions Isn't Needed: Study       Nearly 25 percent of antibiotics prescribed in the United States are given for conditions they aren't meant to treat, a new study finds. Antibiotics are miracle drugs that can cure deadly bacterial infections. But too o...
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Retirement & Health

General Discussion 18 Jan 2019
Retiring? What about your health?   You're ready to head for sunnier climes. But have you thought through your evolving health needs? Here's a checklist   When we get close to retirement age, we're all a little guilty of deluding ourselves into thinking how rosy it'll be — long w...
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