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Tofu Thai Curry Sauce

Heart Healthy Recipes Yesterday, 09:04 PM
Tofu With Thai Curry Sauce   Creamy Thai curry sauce gives tofu a spicy, satisfying kick. You can adjust the amount of curry paste depending on your spice preference. Serve with brown Basmati rice and lime wedges.     INGREDIENTS   1 cup “lite” coconut milk,...
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Drinking & heart disease.

General Discussion Yesterday, 07:18 PM
Long-term daily drinking linked to stiffening of the arteries in men   "Men who drink more than a pint a day over several years are at greater risk of heart attack or stroke," The Sun reports. A UK study found men who consistently drank more than the recommended limits had signs of stiffenin...
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Reverses Diabetes

Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips 24 Feb 2017
Fasting diet may help regenerate a diabetic pancreas   "The pancreas can be triggered to regenerate itself through a type of fasting diet, say US researchers," BBC News reports. Research in mice found a low-calorie diet may help in cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The pancreas is an orga...
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HEART HELP-Four-in-one pill

Heart News and Updates 19 Feb 2017
HEART HELP    Four-in-one pill is ‘100 per cent effective, SLASHING blood pressure and cutting heart attack risk. New daily 'quadpill' combines smaller doses of four common blood pressure drugs which all work in different ways to tackle the problem.   A SINGLE pill that combi...
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Vitamin D for colds or flu

General Discussion 19 Feb 2017
'Add vitamin D to food to prevent colds and flu', say researchers     "Adding vitamin D to food would reduce deaths and significantly cut NHS costs," The Guardian reports. A review of existing data estimates that supplementing food with vitamin D would prevent millions of cold and flu c...
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