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Toast & potatoes cancer risk'

Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips Today, 07:38 AM
Browned toast and potatoes are 'potential cancer risk', say food scientists   Bread, chips and potatoes should be cooked to a golden yellow colour, rather than brown, to reduce our intake of a chemical which could cause cancer, government food scientists are warning.   Acrylamide is pr...
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General Discussion Yesterday, 06:44 PM
Forgetfulness — 7 types of normal memory problems   Healthy people can experience memory loss too   It's normal to forget things from time to time, and it's normal to become somewhat more forgetful as you age. But how much forgetfulness is too much? How can you tell whether your...
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Your Job Hurting Your Heart?

Heart & Cardiovascular Disease 21 Jan 2017
  Certain Jobs Hazardous to Your Heart Health   Office workers, truckers and police seem to face challenges eating well, staying fit     Your day-to-day job could influence your risk of heart disease and stroke, a new study reports.   Middle-aged employees working in sale...
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Robotic heart sleeve

Heart News and Updates 21 Jan 2017
Robotic sleeve 'hugs' failing hearts       Scientists have developed a robotic sleeve that can help hearts pump when they are failing. The sleeve - made of material that mimics heart muscle - hugs the outside of the heart and squeezes it, mimicking the action of cardiac muscle. The...
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The Vegan Man

Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips 19 Jan 2017
The vegan trying to make the perfect burger   "My company's goal is to wipe out the animal farming industry and take them down," Patrick Brown tells me. The grey-haired, former paediatrician turned professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, now turned start-up founder, may be softl...
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