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      24 May

    Michael Edens was my father. I am on a mission to learn more about what he was like as a person, since he died when I was 8. Please share any info, thanks!

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Living with heart disease

Heart & Cardiovascular Disease 16 Apr 2015
There is no cure for heart disease, but the condition can be managed with treatment and lifestyle changes.   Here are some steps you can take to make living with heart disease  easier: Recognise the symptoms. Seek urgent medical advice or call an ambulance if symptoms become more freque...
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Divorce & Heart Attacks

Heart News and Updates 15 Apr 2015
Divorcees 'have more heart attacks'       Divorcees are more likely to have a heart attack than their peers who stay married, US research suggests.    An analysis of 15,827 people showed women were worst affected, and barely reduced the risk if they remarried.  The s...
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Binge Eating

Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips 14 Apr 2015
When you overeat, you wind up with a sore, stuffed belly. Everyone feels like this from time to time. But if you have binge eating disorder, your eating habits could lead to serious problems that might last a lifetime. Here are four major health issues you should watch for. Learn what you can do...
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Rethink Cholesterol

Heart & Cardiovascular Disease 14 Apr 2015
 Decades-old advice to Americans against eating foods high in cholesterol likely will not appear in the next update of the nation's Dietary Guidelines, according to published reports. The U.S. Department of Agriculture panel assigned the task of revamping the guidelines every five years has...
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Height & Heart Disease

Heart News and Updates 12 Apr 2015
Short people's 'DNA linked to increased heart risk'   The shorter you are, the greater your risk of heart problems, a team at the University of Leicester says. The study, of nearly 200,000 people, found sections of DNA that control both height and heart health. The findings, published in the...
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