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Living Past 90

Exercise, Cardiac Rehab, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips Yesterday, 01:29 AM
What if you could live well into your 90s and still be in good health?   A new study suggests that may be possible, particularly if you have good genes.   "Chronic disease is not an inevitable part of ageing," said Dr. Sofiya Milman, an assistant professor of medicine at the Albert Eins...
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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial

General Discussion 20 Jul 2016
Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial: What to Expect   A clinical trial could mean a big change in the type of care you're getting now. You may get a cutting-edge treatment that few people have had before. Before you join, learn about how it works and what it will be like for you.   What Is...
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Predictor of Second Attack

General Discussion 16 Jul 2016
  Health Before a Stroke Is Big Predictor of Second Attack   Getting hypertension, cholesterol under control could be key to avoiding later dementia, too, study finds Stroke survivors who had high blood pressure or other heart risk factors before their stroke may be at greater risk for...
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Sugar Causes Heart Disease

Heart News and Updates 09 Jul 2016
 Eggs Don’t Cause Heart Attacks — Sugar Does     "Fifty years of doctors’ advice and government eating guidelines have been wrong. We’ve been told to swap eggs for Cheerios. But that recommendation is dead wrong.In fact, it’s very likely that this bad...
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Make Peace at Work

General Discussion 06 Jul 2016
7 Ways to Make Peace at the Office     "The workplace is a special place in certain ways, because the people we interact with are not of our choosing most of the time, and relating to them isn’t the same as relating to family and friends. On the other hand, it’s not so uniqu...
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